Harmony in the couple, how to achieve it?

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Harmony in the couple, how to achieve it?

Harmony is knowing how to respect the other. It is not necessary to always agree with what your partner says, does or thinks, because the essential thing is to understand it.

Last update: February 16, 2022

Harmony in the couple is like a dance in which no one loses the rhythm. There is balance, harmony and the music of satisfaction plays in the background in this journey shared by two people.

This emotional competence is reached after a lot of work, some misunderstandings and, above all, with the clear desire to invest efforts and changes in the emotional bond.

Anyone who thinks that loving each other a lot is enough to ensure a happy relationship is wrong. We would like that coexistence could be based only on love so as to extinguish the occasional disagreement and the discussions that arise out of nowhere.

It would be wonderful if passion and affection were the balm in the face of difficulties, but suddenly we realize that sometimes individualism and the need for a joint investment weigh more.

It is not easy to find the right partner, but it is more difficult to find one and make the connection flourish, mature and become lasting and satisfying. However, such an inspiring goal is not impossible. The secret is to find harmony.

"A loving heart is the truest of wisdoms."

-Charles Dickens-

Tips for achieving harmony in the couple

Harmony in the couple requires the achievement of balance when two people who love each other keep different narratives.

It means cutting corners so that the contours of your character fit so that you can tackle small and big problems. Somehow, the need to work on this dimension arises from a very specific fact.

Many continue to think that love coincides with agreeing on everything. Some people assume that happy couples are attuned to ideals, goals, tastes, perceptions, and opinions.

Falling in love, however, it means letting someone into your life that comes with its existential, personal and even ideological baggage. This is where the real daily challenge begins.

Achieving harmony in the couple requires investing will, time and good intentions in a very specific psychological profession.

Understanding the partner without having to agree on everything

How many times have we been told or reproached "you don't understand me"? Undoubtedly, many. We fall into heated arguments, stormy anger and bitter disappointment when, far from reaching any agreement, we distance ourselves.

Harmony in the couple is based on a cornerstone: understanding. This is only possible if we understand that a Sometimes we will disagree on something and that it is not the end of the world. It is enough to understand the reality of others and respect it.

We will certainly agree on many other aspects, but it is essential to know how to listen to the truth of the partner, connect with his narrative and respect it. Because those who only accept their own vision of life underestimating the perspectives of others, break down bridges and build walls.

Empathy, being able to see the other person and respect their true self

One of the goals of couples therapy is to increase empathy to bring about change. The study conducted at the University of Villanova indicates that empathy promotes satisfaction in an emotional relationship; it is therefore one of its pillars.

To achieve harmony in the couple adequate emotional and cognitive empathy must be developed. The one with which you not only connect with the emotions and needs of the other, but understand them.

This psychological muscle allows us to discover the truth of the partner to respect him and allow him to maintain his authenticity.

Disharmony in an emotional relationship arises when we stop respecting each other. The moment my reality matters more than yours and I also try to make you like me, what I get is making you lose your identity, your opinions and your individuality.

Appreciate each other's presence every day

Appreciation isn't just love. Appreciating means emotionally validating the other, give him presence and importance, thank him every day for sharing his life with us. It also implies admiration, because without this nutrient few relationships are satisfying or stable.

The study done at the University of North Carolina eevidence that gratitude and the ability to making your partner feel appreciated act as a daily reinforcement in the bond. In light of this, we do not hesitate to work on these aspects.

Harmony in the couple: magic and the desire to know how to promote the positive aspects

Harmony in the couple requires effort, as well as focusing on the virtues of the loved one and not just his flaws. For example, it implies knowing how to use a good mood and not a constant reproach when something goes wrong.

Promoting the positives also means creating moments of magic and intimacy with which to break the routine and encourage passion whenever possible.


Having an optimistic view allows us di build a promising relationship, positive and resilient vitality. The one that leaves no room for surrender, but only for the clear desire to advance together in the same project.

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