Happy, stable couples tend to get fat, according to science

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No, this is not a far-fetched idea. If you have ever thought that marriage makes you fat you are right. Several studies have concluded that when we maintain a stable and happy relationship, we are at greater risk of gaining weight.

Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia followed 10 women for 6.458 years. They discovered that women in their 20s and 30s, without children, who were married or lived permanently with their partner, had gained more weight than single women. As it turns out, stable and happy relationships earned an average of 7 pounds, 30% more than single women. Some even went so far as to gain an average of 1,8 kilos more per year.

But women aren't the only ones gaining weight in stable relationships. Another study by Southern Methodist University in Dallas followed 169 newly married couples over a four-year period and reached the same conclusions: both women and men gained weight. Another research conducted at New York University also found no significant differences between men and women regarding weight gain during intercourse.

Indeed, researchers agree that it is precisely the most fulfilling and happy relationships that promote greater weight gain, because marital problems and a divorce on the horizon often result in weight loss.

Why does love make you fat?

The reasons for this weight gain are different. Researchers point out that in many cases this happens because people adapt to each other's lifestyle habits, which are not always the healthiest.

In the case of women it has been seen that they tend to eat more foods rich in fats and sugars, they develop a distortion in the perception of the size of the portions that leads them to eat the same amount as their partner, without realizing that the caloric needs of men are not the same as women. In fact, some of the women interviewed admitted that they ate the same amount as their partners or even more.

It has also been noted that couples tend to spend more time and effort preparing meals. If we live alone it is likely that we will skip a few meals or have a quick snack but living as a couple we tend to prepare more abundant dinners, with desserts or alcohol included. In the life of a couple, meals play a more important role because they are also the moment of being together.

Also, it's common for in a relationship to want to spend more time with each other, which can cause some people to drop out or neglect exercise and slowly slip into a less active lifestyle. When priorities change, less time is spent on personal care.

In fact, the researchers saw that couples who gain weight tend to follow a pattern: after the period of the first meetings, in which they both frequent bars and restaurants, when the relationship becomes established and they decide to move in together, they often tend to organize large dinners. and spending weekends indoors, watching movies and eating popcorn or ice cream on the sofa. Obviously, this passive lifestyle is one of the causes of weight gain.

However, weight gain is not solely due to changes in lifestyle and eating habits, it also affects the feeling of relaxation. After courtship, when the relationship is stronger, we feel more secure, confident, supported and relaxed, so stress and tension are reduced and appetite increases.

Finally, it should be made clear that these results only reflect a general trend, many people continue to take care of their lifestyle while engaged in a relationship. In fact, for some it can be very positive because the influence of the other can encourage them to exercise more and eat healthier.

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