Happy at work: 5 strategies

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Happy at work: 5 strategies

It is always possible to be happy at work, even when we don't like our profession that much.

Last update: April 30, 2020

Although you don't love your job, moments that generate a feeling of anguish and exhaustion are not rare. The commitments, responsibilities, and limits that are placed on us can be stressful. However, It is always possible to be happy at work, even when we don't like our profession that much.

A constructive attitude, coupled with high levels of motivation, contributes to making us feel better in our professional environment. Maybe it's not the only thing we want, but there are several ways to adopt a perspective that allows us to focus on all the positives and be happy at work.

“When work is a pleasure, life is beautiful. But when it is imposed, life is slavery. "

-Maxim Gor'kij-

If a person manages to be happy at work, he has found a real treasure for his life. Work is one of the places where we spend the most time and on which many of our projects and, in essence, our well-being depend.

Here are some useful strategies for making work a better experience.

Strategies for being happy at work

1. Focus on the present

Many of our problems, especially those associated with stress and anxiety, are more part of our mind than reality. They arise from negative expectations of what may happen in the future. For example, imagine difficulties that have not yet occurred, negative events that have not yet happened, or terrible events that do not necessarily have to occur.

All of this generates enormous psychological wear. Under these circumstances, it is impossible to be happy at work. Quite the contrary. The professional environment is transformed into a space full of anguish, because one does nothing but fear the worst. The antidote to this problem is to focus on Present, take care only of today's tasks. If we do it right, the consequences will also be positive.

2. Collaborate with others 

There are many circumstances in life that the best way to help ourselves is to help others. Being sensitive to the needs and problems of others enriches us as human beings. At the same time it helps us to get out of this self-centered bubble that generates only malaise.

If we set ourselves the goal of acting positively for others, we will surely be happy at work and in the rest of the social contexts in which we are involved. We will notice, little by little, that the attitude of others towards us is more kind and understanding. This will greatly improve the atmosphere of our workplace and fill our days with a special energy.

3. Learn to rest

One of the most common problems faced by workers is the lack of balance between work and rest. Breaks are just as important as work, if not more. A fatigued person is not productive and is more likely to make mistakes and to overlook important details. It is also less creative and keen in her evaluations.

When we are tired, it takes us an hour to do what we could do in half an hour. Furthermore, it is easier to get caught up in despair and bad mood. We must always combine work and rest. During working hours with active breaks and outside working hours avoiding work activities.

4. Appreciate the work and be grateful

Being happy at work is easier if we take a minute to reflect each day before starting the day. Valuing our work and stopping to think about its benefits, both for ourselves and for the rest of the world, allows us to change our perspective.

At the same time we will surely have many reasons to appreciate and be grateful for our every working day. Just having the skills to carry out our profession is in itself a reason to be grateful. Also the possibility of generating income for ourselves and for many other people. When we buy bread, we help ensure that others have jobs and the tools to live. We never forget to be thankful.

5. Create "a nest"

It is easier to motivate ourselves when we make our workplace a pleasant place. If possible, we customize the objects around us as much as possible. We leave our unique touch in the workplace… it will make us feel better for sure.

It is also useful to believe in our "nests" of rest. Special places or situations to take refuge in our free moments. Life contexts that make us feel relieved of responsibilities and of concerns.

Being happy at work is a real blessing. On rare occasions this happiness comes by itself, but ggenerally we have to create the conditions for it to emerge. If we succeed, we will have taken a huge step in laying the foundations for our well-being.

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