Happiness: 10 tips to savor everyday life

There is no magic formula there
guarantee the happiness. Each of
we must look for his personal formula, adding and removing ingredients
just like you do in the kitchen to find your favorite flavor. However,
there are some activities that can make our journey easier.

1. Immerse yourself in nature. In recent years, the search for the
well-being has prompted us to build huge cities and skyscrapers that maintain us
further and further away from nature. However, many psychological studies have
proved that a simple walk in nature or by the sea will not
it only helps to reduce the level of stress by improving the mood,
but it also makes us more creative and improves our memory. 2. Exercise. "Mens sana in corpore sano" they said to him
ancient Romans, a fundamental suggestion that, due to technology,
we forgot. In any case, regular and balanced physical activity,
releases a series of hormones that promote relaxation and pleasure,
they increase libido, help fight insomnia and increase ours
self-esteem. And if that's not enough, exercise improves and strengthens
also our physical constitution and consequently the quality of ours
life, helping us prevent many diseases. 3. Spend time with family and friends. "Money does not make happiness", this
popular culture maxim has sparked a question in researchers: if not
money then what can promote the happiness? In this regard, we find that the
interpersonal relationships are the key to emotional well-being, sharing of
time with family and friends not only makes us happier but also gives us
other advantages: it reduces stress and makes us more extroverted and open to new experiences.
Conversely, other studies have related loneliness to majors
likelihood of suffering from a heart attack, a cerebrovascular accident e
also to develop diabetes. 4. Get enough sleep. Sleep doesn't just help you recover
forces but it is also essential to rest the brain. In fact, when
we don't sleep enough, the next day we tend to be irritable,
we have problems with memory and attention. The benefits of sleep are endless:
promotes positive emotions, helps us to be more lovable and open with people
others, it improves our concentration and memory and even helps us
keep your weight balanced. 5. Express the gratitude you feel. When we are able to thank for
everything we have, instead of getting angry and complaining about what we don't
we have, not only will we feel happier but we will also be more optimistic and
we will tend to engage in activities that enhance our health how to do physical activity regularly and follow up
a healthy and balanced diet.  6. Do meditation. You don't have to think
to become a Yoga master, but several recent studies have shown that the
meditation produces many benefits; not only does it help fight anxiety, the
depression and chronic fatigue, but it actually increases ours
attention, it helps us to control anger and improves relationships
interpersonal. 7. Laugh. People who use the good mood to fight with the
daily problems, show a stronger and more effective immune system,
reduce the chances of suffering from a cerebrovascular accident and a
heart attack and even experience less physical pain. He should laugh
be something common that is done every day, something obligatory
like vitamin pills. Five minutes of outrageous laughter
they cause a state of relaxation similar to that obtained with 30
minutes of relaxation techniques, and if that weren't enough, they stimulate the
blood circulation and tone the muscles of the face. 8. Design new challenges. People who feel satisfied with what
they know and do, sooner or later they run aground and fall into boredom. Our brain
it develops starting from the new challenges that we impose on it, for this, if
plan to learn for example a new language (it doesn't matter to get to
speak it perfectly), take music lessons, read a good book
that you submit new ideas, start a new hobby ... (the possibilities
are infinite), the benefit it will bring back is incalculable since it has been
proved that there are more people who keep their brains active
resistant to all neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. 9. Be optimistic. There is a difference between theoptimism
andnaive optimism,
the latter takes us nowhere but the former gives us strength
necessary to face new challenges. Optimism improves ours
self-esteem, increases self-confidence and significantly improves the
our state of mind. 10. Hug people. Western culture is often little
conducive to physical contact, but in reality humans need to
feel the support of each other, and words are not enough. There is who
argues that we need at least four hugs a day, and even if
I don't want to refer to a specific number, but it is important
knowing that hugs can not only make us happier but contribute
they also improve our immune systems and even can
prevent the appearance of many diseases.
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