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Everyone, at least once in their life, has had to deal with back pain. Sometimes the pain resolved quickly, other times it became chronic or returned when least expected. Whatever the extent and frequency of the disorder, back pain must be considered as a signal that the body sends to indicate that something in the spine is not working properly.

In addition to representing the first cause of absence from work in Western countries, the low back pain it is also a disease with a thousand causes and facets. It has in fact been calculated that back pain can originate from the injury of even one of the more than eight hundred microstructures that contract with the spinal column. Such injuries can affect i intervertebral discs, the ligaments  musculature, the nerves, the joints or bone structures. However, it may happen that a lesion is completely found asymptomatic and that despite the trauma suffered, the subject does not feel any pain.

Generally back pain is referred to as a multifactorial pathology to emphasize that the origin of pain is linked to numerous interdependent factors affecting the physical, psychological and social spheres.

These last two points, often underestimated, actually play a very important role in the appearance of the characteristic painful symptomatology. Stress, anxiety and other psychological problems, thanks to a reflex nervous mechanism, can in fact increase normal muscle tone. This excess voltage, reducing the vascularity and elasticity of the paravertebral musculature, contributes to the appearance of the lower back pain. The numerous and intricate mechanisms that give rise to low back pain must therefore be carefully evaluated by a specialized doctor. Starting from the symptoms and causes of pain, it will thus be possible to establish a multidisciplinary therapeutic path in which various professional figures will collaborate such as the doctor, the therapist and the graduate in motor science.

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Back Pain Prevention

Determine what the real causes of back pain it is a very difficult undertaking even for a particularly skilled doctor who makes use of sophisticated diagnostic techniques.
Usually, at the root of the problem there are no major injuries but simple alterations of the structures that make up the spine. For this reason, around 9 out of 10 cases of lower back pain resolve positively within a month.

By observing the various patients, their living and working habits, it can be seen how the back pain is more frequent in particular categories of subjects. Thanks to this observation and the aid of anatomical and physiological knowledge, a series of elements can be established that predispose the individual to back pain.

Most main risk factors is related to lifestyle habits of the subject, while genetic predispositions are quite rare. We could then define back pain as an acquired pathology that arises when the extent of the trauma exceeds the ability to bear and regenerate the structures adjacent to the spinal column. For this reason the treatment and prevention strategies of back pain must be based on the one hand on the reduction of strain on the spine and on the other on strengthening of the structures that support it.

 reduce loads that affect the lower back, it is recommended to:

  • Learn the correct lifting technique (legs bent, pelvis set back, torso erect and load as close to the body as possible);
  • Avoid incorrect positions maintained for a long time;
  • Don't wear high-heeled shoes;
  • Choose suitable footwear to wear during physical activity.

 improve the degree of efficiency of the structures that keep the back aligned protecting it from trauma and allowing movement at the same time, we recommend:

  • Regularly engage in physical activity (toning and stretching exercises associated with moderate aerobic activity);
  • Maintain normal body weight;
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol;
  • Take relaxing breaks, avoiding stress as much as possible;
  • In case of back pain, avoid excessive rest, trying to make movements appropriate to the extent of the trauma.

From these recommendations it is clear that movement plays a fundamental role in the prevention and treatment of low back pain. Not surprisingly, a considerable number of medical visits ends with the indication to regularly practice a motor activity aimed at reducing body weight and improving muscle tone and elasticity. Among the numerous benefits that physical activity brings to the back we must also remember thepositive effect on stress reduction and on improvement of the vascularity of the tissues.

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