Gym Motivation | 5 Tips for Finding the Impetus to Train

Gym Motivation: 5 Tips for Finding the Boost

Joining the gym is easy. Sometimes all too easy, as the promises made by the gym promoters create images in your mind of a now lean self - without thinking about all the hard work that goes in between. Often, after signing on the dotted line and taking responsibility for fulfilling a contract for a certain amount of time, comes the sudden realization that you have indeed made a commitment, and while not honoring it, your wallet will still actively contribute. Instead of grimacing in pain every time you see your gym membership card, take back your duty and stay motivated to go there regularly and get what you originally dreamed of achieving.

1. Listen to Music

Make your visits to the gym an opportunity to put MP3 or iPod headphones in your ears and listen to your favorite songs, including new ones that you would like to know better.

Music is a great motivator and is even more enjoyable when you move to its rhythm. Many athletes train to their favorite music making your emotions respond favorably to the exercise. And, if you are not a fanatic of a particular musical genre, try listening to the sounds of nature or instrumental music.

2. Record and Record Progress from Day to Day

This is a very effective way to carry out a commitment.

In addition, the monitoring of the diet and the comparison with other users of the gym, will allow you to highlight your progress and at the same time to point out the aspects that need to be improved.

3. Work on your Health Outside the Gym

It's not motivating to kill yourself in the gym without seeing results. It may be that your diet is not getting you back in shape or you may not be getting enough sleep at night. Good health and physical fitness are the result of paying attention to all physical and mental needs, so it's important that you don't neglect the other aspects of your life.

Eat healthy. If the gym offers nutritional services, make use of them. Eliminate junk food and any excesses that you know are robbing you of healthy nutrients.

Get adequate sleep. No fatigue in the gym will help if you deprive yourself of sleep and this, over time, will be harmful to your body.

Minimize alcohol consumption and exclude cigarettes.

4. Vary your Workout

Maybe you go to the gym constantly, but now the routine no longer motivates you and has become very boring. By trying something new and forgetting about the usual cars, you may be able to find the motivation to keep going. A body accustomed to a certain level of exercise or routine needs new challenges, and the same goes for the mind. Let your physique question itself, so you will continue to improve your fitness and have more fun.

Mix the cardio and weights. If you love running on the treadmill and don't get bored, stay on it for 45 minutes overall, but alternate movements, you could opt for a routine that allows you to jog for 15 minutes and then switch to weights, get back on the machine for another 15 minutes. and so on.

5. Find a Training Partner

When we make commitments with another person, we generally tend to procrastinate less. Try to find someone of your level to train with - you'll think twice about postponing a workout and you'll make going to the gym that much more enjoyable.


These five ways to keep motivation high are scientifically tested. If you believe that these tips will not help you to be consistent in your training routine, you just have to try them to test their effectiveness. NB Wanting is power!

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