Greek yogurt: 10 quick and easy recipes to use it in the kitchen

Lo greek yogurtBesides being delicious, it can be used in ways. Tzatziki sauce is the preparation based on greek yogurt most famous, but we can use this ingredient in the kitchen in many recipes, both sweet and savory. We can use Greek yogurt to season bruschetta or in the dough of homemade pizzas, but also as a filling for crepes or as a creamy ingredient for our homemade tiramisu.

Here is a collection of recipes with Greek yogurt that will make you experience a new ingredient in the kitchen. The ones we offer are all vegetarian recipes.


Greek yogurt tzatziki sauce

La tzatziki sauce original is prepared with Greek yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, cucumbers, vinegar, salt, chopped dill, which can be replaced with fresh parsley if necessary. It is a perfect sauce to spread on slices of bread and bruschetta.

Tiramisu with Greek yogurt

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If you want to prepare tiramisu to be served in individual portions in small glasses, you will need Greek yogurt and berries to best fill your biscuit base. Here the recipe.


Spinach with Greek yogurt

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Are you looking for a new spinach seasoning idea? Maybe you don't know that boiled or pan-cooked spinach can be seasoned in a practical and quick way with Greek yogurt, to be flavored with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Here the recipe.

Soft and light yogurt cake

A recipe to make this light yogurt cake even softer and fluffier without adding butter or added fats, perfect to serve for breakfast and suitable for the whole family, also ideal for a light but greedy snack at the same time. Here the recipe.

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Strawberry plumcake

The strawberry plum cake recipe is very simple to make, in this case we used Greek yogurt which makes this dessert both lighter and very soft. Here is the complete recipe to follow.

Quick mini pizzas with Greek yogurt

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Did you know that Greek yogurt makes it easier and faster prepare the pizza dough? It also facilitates leavening. So you can prepare homemade Greek yogurt pizzas and avoid packaged products. Here the recipe.

Greek yogurt apple pie

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There are so many recipes and variations to prepare apple pie at home. For example, you can add Greek yogurt to the ingredients for an even softer cake. Here the recipe.


Shot glasses with strawberries and Greek yogurt

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Here is a really quick and easy idea to combine two ingredients that go very well with each other: Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries. You just need to have small glasses available to prepare small portions. Here the recipe.

Greek yogurt green sauce

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A light variant of the traditional green sauce is prepared with fresh parsley, Greek yogurt, mustard, capers and extra virgin olive oil. Here the recipe.

Eggplant bruschetta with Greek yogurt

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Greek yogurt is a suitable base for preparing sauces to spread on bruschetta. In addition to aubergines, you can add flavor to your taste, for example with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, cumin or chopped parsley. Here the recipe.

What are your favorite Greek yogurt recipes?

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