Grandparents: the heroes of our past

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Grandparents: the heroes of our past

Last update: December 02, 2015

Of all the corners of the world, we always have a favorite. No matter how far we travel, how far we travel or where we are, it is never the wrong time to return. You know very well what your "house-people" are. 

House people smell of love and unconditional approval. They smell of sweetness, of long hugs, in which the eyes close and a smile is sketched. 


For this reason, a person-home is the best mirror to look into every day: it always reflects the most real and authentic version of us. The best. They are the light at the end of the tunnel, the support on the way and the shoulders to cry on. 

(Repairing broken wings)

Our grandparents are house-people, made of "unforgettable steel", unique and irreplaceable. Their memory smacks of pleasure and tenderness, of hugs, of complicit glances of two people who know they are made to love each other.

They smell of home, of roasted chestnuts, of new games, of magic tricks, of pride and satisfaction, of land wet from a summer storm, of the taste of hot chocolate on a cold winter day. They smell of childhood and growth.  

The emotional imprint they leave in us is imbued with basic principles of life, on the value of respect, maturity, balance, care and protection.  

We imprinted in mind their wise looks, the depth of their words and their teachings, the unfinished games, the emotional challenges, the kisses that cured any pain and the afternoon chocolates.

The memory of an infinite love

Can you imagine life as if it were a catcher?

Well, grandparents are home

(Adapted by Elvira Sastre)

Grandparents make a child's life exceptional, they symbolize everything for which it is worth feeling the warmth of two loving arms, always ready to welcome us. They are the most skilled healers of skinned knees, a breath that anesthetized and a hug that put us completely back on track.

With them we learned without rules, with the calm that can teach those who know well the role they have to play. Because they have educated us with the serenity of the years and with the satisfaction of what continues.  

From the first minute of life we ​​have transformed into their playmates and into smile of their thoughts. We share enemies during the best years of our lives, hiding our game from parents, who must avoid over-consenting to our requests.

Deepen our roots ...

Grandparents are wonderful because they listen and show pure interest in what we have to say. Furthermore, as is often said perfect love sometimes doesn't reach the first grandson.  

A grandfather is a person with silver hair and a golden heart. His emotional richness tinges our story with warm colors, indelible footprints, charisma and love.

And what the grandparents have shown us is that there are no barriers to love and that the path of affection is immense.  

Our grandparents are one of the greatest treasures we encounter throughout our life. For this, it is important to be faithful to our roots and never forget their existence and the participation and importance that their life has had for us.

If you were lucky enough to share your life with your grandparents, take advantage of every smile that your memories steal and recognize yourself in the values ​​they promulgated. Give more importance to respect and love, rather than what is ephemeral and banal.

If you are a grandparent now, make your grandchildren remember you fondly. Never forget about them, keep them alive and always present within you. Let the voice of experience and simple things speak to you. 

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