Good things happen to those who know how to wait

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Good things happen to those who know how to wait

Last update: Augusts 11, 2015

“Patience”, this word again. He who waits is desperate and confused. Especially when he is faced with the uncertainty of not knowing when what he expects will happen.

Don't get tired of waiting. The reward is waiting for you to be patient.

However, patience is more than waiting: it is the calm expectation, it is a kind of pause of our desires. Patience does not numb the senses, but imposes itself against anguish and wakes us up.

Patience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet

It's hard to understand, but having patience doesn't mean getting stressed out and putting up with it until you can't take it anymore and explode.. It is an art capable of freeing us from superfluous emotional charges, which allows us to remain in a state of peace.

"If you are patient in a moment of anger, you will escape a hundred years of sadness."

Some Eastern philosophies speak of the gift of patience as if it were a force that our mind uses to communicate to the rest of the body that what it expects will come.

The beautiful things in the world require patience: a complicated love, an almost unattainable person, a physical preparation, a competition, ... In short, any goal or any goal that we put in mind. You have to cover yourself with a veil of enthusiasm and passion.

He who waits without despair finds the unexpected

Often, we believe that life is telling us "No" when, in reality, it is only telling us "Wait". We become impatient and, as a result, our nervousness prompts us to make mistakes.

Sometimes, we feel tired, we feel that our friends, our partner or our unfulfilled expectations exasperate us, that nothing of what we wanted to create arrives and that life is not for us.

Patience: a queen annihilated by speed

"The secret of patience is to remember that pain is temporary and the reward is eternal."

He who resists wins. However, if we consider the interest we normally put into cultivating this quality, we realize that patience is a queen now annihilated. We are taught that we must excel in everything, stand out above others, run.

If we face things patiently, others leave us out of the game, they make us understand that we are not worth enough. Nonetheless, it is good to know that all goals require time and patience: these two tools, in fact, are the only ones that ensure that we reach our goals.

Work on patience to know yourself

“Understanding yourself requires patience and tolerance; the ego is a book consisting of many chapters, impossible to read in a single day. However, when you start reading it, you have to read every word, every sentence, every paragraph, because in them are the clues to wholeness. The beginning is in essence the ending. If you know how to read, you will be able to find supreme wisdom ”.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

The great sages are calm, patient and self-confident people. These elements help us understand that being patient will make us contemplate the world with more sense and understanding.

When we don't cultivate the gift of patience, we behave impulsively and irrationally, creating or aggravating our problems and missing out on tons of opportunities.

In reality, to cultivate your patience you do not need many things, but simple solutions that you can perfectly reach. We expose them to you briefly.

1. Breathe

To breath deeply it is always a good method that helps us to reflect. When we take seconds to breathe, we are offering a pause to our inner dialogue.

2. Find out why you are in such a hurry

Think about the reasons that make you impatient. If you see yourself exaggerating, rearrange your priorities. Thinking about it, and maybe writing, will help you calm down.

3. Identify the things that make you impatient

It can be other people, stressful situations or even yourself. However, simply being aware of all of this will help reduce anxiety.

4. Is your patience useful or justified?

Answer this question truthfully and you will see that doing so will bring calm to you. Seek the answer within yourself and don't be afraid to give up habits that are harmful to you.

5. Take your time and expect the unexpected

You must understand that you can also make a thousand plans, but things don't always turn out the way you want. Accept that the wheel is spinning and that, sooner or later, it will stop where you want it to. Be realistic in your expectations and understanding with others.

6. Don't be afraid to change and don't forget to train

Practice makes masters. Developing patience involves leaving aside many bad habits that you have been living with for a long time. As well as assimilating any teaching, cultivating the gift of patience requires temperament.

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