Gold: properties, benefits, curiosities

Gold: properties, benefits, curiosities

Their it is a mineral useful against vision problems, impotence and known to bring vital energy and courage. Let's find out better.

> What is gold

> Properties and benefits

> Daily need for gold

> Effect on the psyche and spirit

> How to use

> Curiosity and history


What is gold

Chemical symbol: Au (from the Latin "aurum").

Gold is the chemical element with atomic number 79. 


Properties and benefits

Associated with the Apollonian and the masculine, gold is useful in cases of impotence. It can also prove to be a mineral to be kept close to to alleviate vision problems, such as conjunctivitis.


Daily need for gold

NThere is no recommended daily requirement for gold. The mineral, in fact, is easily absorbed with food and our body is able to satisfy basic needs with very small quantities.


Effect on the psyche and the spirit

Gold has protective action, brings life energy, increases self-esteem, courage, increases willpower and amplify positive feelings. It stimulates wisdom and the anxiety of knowledge, makes thought clear and effective.

Western symbol of well-being and royalty, in Buddhism gold is one of the seven treasures and is equated with faith or right belief. Mineral prince of the alchemists, whose purpose was to produce gold from other substances, such as lead, presumably through a mythical substance called the "philosopher's stone".

Il alchemical symbol for gold it was a circle with a dot in the center, which is also the astrological symbol, the hieroglyph symbol and Chinese pictogram to indicate the sun (日).


How to use

Gold, as well as in crystal therapy as a therapeutic mineral, is used in dentistry (for making bridges and fillings), jewelry and in the electronics industry. The radioactive isotope 198Au (half-life: 2,7 days) is used in some anti-tumor therapies.


Curiosities and historical notes

In two Shakespearean works we see gold appear: in Romeo e Giulietta (fifth act, first scene) and in theHenry IV (fourth act, fifth scene). In the first masterpiece, gold is mentioned as poison, in the second as medicine


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