Goji Berries: Which Are The Best?



For those who still do not know them, the Goji berries they are a fruit of Tibetan origin rich in beneficial properties for health. In this article we help you to understand them and independently choose the best ones.

Also known as "the fruit of longevity", Goji berries have a very rich and varied nutritional value: vitamins A and C in high concentration, all the B vitamins, 18 essential amino acids, mineral salts such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Potassium, and specific polysaccharides to which is attributed the capacity of strengthening of the immune system.

In addition to supporting the body's natural defenses, Goji berries are used in controlled diets aimed at weight loss by virtue of their low glycemic index and theirs satiating effect, are also recommended as natural energizer, as powerful antioxidants fromanti-aging effect, as a natural remedy for beauty of hair, skin and nails (by virtue of their richness in carotenoids).

They are therefore an excellent natural food, but in order to have these beneficial properties they must be chosen with great care: they are not all the same! Here are the three most important things to watch out for when buying berries and Goji supplements.


The packaging

The first thing you need to look at before buying Goji berries is the packaging - you need to know that they are a delicate fruit, which fears light and humidity. Therefore, transparent plastic or glass bags should be avoided: they do not protect the product from light, which oxidizes them, impoverishing their antioxidant capacity; cardboard boxes should also be avoided: they do not protect the fruit from humidity.


The origin

Given their popularity, they are now also grown in Turkey, Portugal and even in the country! But the secret of their potent antioxidant capacity and super-rich nutritional heritage lies in theirs territory of origin: the Asian highlands of Tibet, China and Mongolia. So pay attention to the label!


Harvesting and drying

The best Goji berries are collected manually, with special gloves that avoid direct contact with the hands. Subsequently they are naturally dried in the sun for about a week. Sun drying completes the life cycle of the berry in a natural way, and is the best way to obtain the highest quality dried berry (compared to oven drying).

Le Goji Salugea Berries they are packaged in bags suitable to protect them from light and humidity, originating from the Tibetan highlands, hand-picked and naturally dried in the sun.


Food or Dietary supplement: which is better?

Goji berries are a natural food, very useful as a snack break-hungry mid-morning or mid-afternoon. It should be emphasized that they exist Goji food supplements even richer in active ingredient than the dried berry.

If you want to strengthen your immune defenses, benefit from an anti-aging treatment or have support within a controlled diet aimed at slimming the figure, we recommend for example the 100% pure pressing of Goji berries, in the form of a Food Supplement.

Il Goji Salugea juice is 100% pure, not diluted in water or other juices, obtained by cold pressing and an innovative pasteurization system that does not deteriorate the delicate nutritional principles of the original fruits. It is of biological origin, does not contain added sugars or additives, and is notified to the Ministry of Health as a Food Supplement: one measuring cup per day is sufficient for three consecutive months for a cutting-edge beauty treatment, which starts from indoor!

Goji Berries: Which Are The Best?



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