Goji berries: daily dose and contraindications

Goji berries: daily dose and contraindications

The use of goji berries it is very old in the eastern lands where it grows spontaneously; its use was in the form of fresh futto, of dried berry as a natural food supplement or in preparation of herbal teas and drinks. The preparation of health products with goji berries inside is also ancient in oriental medicine and people thought it preserved health and extended life.

In the country, goji berries are becoming an increasingly fashionable product given the widespread use in the last period. This fruit is rich in nutraceuticals and its composition of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients makes it become a truly natural food supplement that brings well-being to our body.

Just to give an idea of ​​the wide range of substances contained in goji berries, we remind you that there are 11 essential mineral salts and 22 in a minor trace, 18 building block amino acids of proteins, 6 essential vitamins (in greater percentages vitamin A, group B, And a lot Vitamin C). It also contains many polysaccharides, monosaccharides and 5 unsaturated fatty acids, as well as active ingredients and antioxidants such as 5 different types of beta-carotenoids, phenolic pigments and phytosterols.


The dose of goji berries

La daily dose it was once referred to as a handful of dried berries a day to maintain a perfect psychophysical shape.

Since the measurement with the hand can change depending on the person we can use the measurement in grams: for every 10 kg you can assume approx 3 grams of dried goji berries; an adult person can therefore use indicatively 15 to 30 grams of berries per day to cover much of the need for vitamins, minerals and nutritional substances that you need throughout the day.

For children and pregnant women the quantity is reduced a 10 grams per day. Both in the development phase and throughout the entire gestation period, the baby requires a lot Vitamin C and goji berries are thus a useful natural food supplement.

Pediatric children also require vitamin C support high to strengthen the immune system in formation, in view of exposure to external agents.

Plus all the other components in goji berries are great for supplement the diet of both mothers expecting that of developing children.

However, always recommended to consult your doctor or pediatrician.


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Contraindications of goji berries

The European Commission on Food Safety describes goji berries as food supplement and food safe to use.

Its safety is given both by the long time of use and by the large consumption on a global level it never led to unwanted reactions and contraindications for goji berries.

However, specific studies have been carried out on the possible contraindications of goji berries and it emerged that it can alter the effectiveness of some medications; for example, it can increase the effect of some medications such as those anticoagulants and this interaction leads to bleeding as a nasal epitaxis.

Furthermore it must not be used for those who have undergone organ transplant operations because it lowers the effectiveness of anti-rejection drugs thus putting the patient at risk.

For these clinical cases and those who use particular drugs (antidepressants, anxiolytics, anticoagulants, hypotensive and hypoglycemic drugs) it is recommended consult your doctor for any interactions with their own therapies while for all the others the use is safe.

If you should still feel discomfort such as vomiting, nausea, neuralgia, nervousness or others, it is good to notify your doctor immediately. Some people might be allergic to goji berries even if the statistics do not report many cases.

Given the limited contraindications in the use of goji berries and the many beneficial effects that this food brings, it is a good habit to include it in your diet.


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