Goblet Squat | How is it done? Benefits of Exercise

By the healthiergang writer , certified personal trainer and athlete ().

Goblet Squat: How Do You Do It? 

The goblet squat is a simple and very effective exercise. It allows you to create the motor pattern of the squat, the strength in the buttocks and legs and to increase the flexibility of the hip.


We assume a position in which the feet will be about shoulder height, the toes pointing outwards without exaggerating. Legs straight, back straight, buttocks and abdomen contracted.

We grab a kettlebell, holding it with both hands.

Goblet Squat | How is it done? Benefits of Exercise

We begin the descending phase by keeping the back in a neutral position, avoid leaning towards the tip of the toes.

Unlike the deadlift, the pelvis should go down as far as possible, until we find ourselves with the elbows inside our thighs.

At this point we go up pushing the knees outwards, to keep them aligned with the tips of the feet, going up without bringing the knees forward.


The goblet squat is a great alternative to classic squats for most people.

1. It is perfect for beginners

The load must be quite moderate (it is usually good to use a dumbbell or kettlebell, all of which makes this exercise easy but really useful for developing the quadriceps).

2. Great mobility

With the Goblet squat you will be able to easily activate the glutes, immobilize the hips and stabilize the abdominal core.

Tip: Are you looking to put mass on your legs? After the normal squat do another 3-4 sets of reps with Goblet squat, this will stimulate the hypertrophy of your legs.


Inexperience can lead to injuries, so it is highly recommended to take great care of the execution technique and, if necessary, be assisted by a professional who takes care of every detail before, during and after the execution of the movement.

The Goblet squat is great because… it's easy to master the technique and gives you the ability to squat even without a barbell. I personally recommend doing 2-3 sets of goblet squats while warming up as a mobility exercise.

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