Give yourself what you deserve and what you need will come

Give yourself what you deserve and what you need will come

Has it ever happened to you that, suddenly, when you least expected it, something you have longed for has materialized?

Have you ever experienced the almost magical feeling that everything works as it should?

Have you had days where everything flowed very naturally?

Some try to explain these facts by resorting to fate, others say that the stars have aligned. But in reality the explanation is much simpler, it lies within us. It is not the fairies or the guardian angels, but ourselves who build these wonderful situations.

Good things do not come by themselves, they are not simple strokes of luck, it is necessary that we actively seek them, desire them and, above all, take the necessary steps to get closer to them. Only in this way, one day, will they be able to materialize. Small steps, taken consistently, will bring us closer to our goals.

The main problem is that many times we become the main obstacle to achieving these goals, we are assailed by such fear that, unconsciously, we sabotage everything we had done. From that moment, things start to go downhill and we blame it on bad luck.

Internal resistances and the fear of abundance

Even if it costs to admit it, we are too used to our comfort zone. In that space, although there are many things that worry us, there are also many things that reassure us. We have reached a balance in which, for better or worse, we manage to survive. And it terrifies us to break this balance.

So often, we step back just as we are about to achieve a radical change that we have been working for a long time for. When things fall apart, instead of blaming fate, we should ask ourselves what internal resistances have been activated.

In fact, in many cases, the closer the goal is, the greater the fear, because it is about breaking forever with the comfort zone we already know and following the course of a new life that, even if fascinating, generates also very afraid. We suffer from what we could define as "fear of abundance". This fear is often paralyzing. The fear is so great that we freeze and fail to act, that's when things that seemed to be going well start to get complicated.

How to overcome these resistances?

In some cases, these internal resistances are a sign that we are not yet ready to take the plunge. In fact, even if things seem perfect, they can bring about changes for which we are not sufficiently prepared. It happens very often to famous people who are often crushed by the weight of success. In these cases, it is better not to force events, have a little patience and work within ourselves.

In other cases, these resistances are only the expression of the fear of the unknown and of leaving the familiar. Realizing their existence is already a huge step. The second step is to prepare for the future, visualize what we will do, in such a way as to feel more and more at ease in that situation that previously frightened us. If we continue to move in this direction, sooner or later, our goal will materialize.

If you change your thoughts, you change your reality

In many cases it is enough to change our thoughts to change the reality around us. It is not about thinking that you will get rich and get it, but a change in the way you think opens up numerous possibilities that you were previously closed to.

Because in life, sometimes it is not necessary to fight, but to let oneself be carried away by the current, keeping attentive to the opportunities that arise along the way.

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