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There are sacrifices that are difficult to implement, especially when it comes to leaving behind people who have meant something to us and for whom we have been important. But there are some situations or moments in life when you have to have the courage to take the plunge. If we have stopped being important to a person, staying connected to them will only make us suffer and prevent us from continuing on our path. So the best thing we can do is give up on this person.

Giving up on someone out of respect for ourselves

Life is like a train on which several people meet. With some passengers we will only exchange brief greetings, with others we will establish a deeper relationship and perhaps they will accompany us for a good part of the journey.However, we cannot force people to accompany us to our final destination, some will decide that it is better to get off at their station and we are likely to stop being important to them. If so, holding on to their memory will prevent us from meeting other interesting people who can bring joy and hope back into our lives.In fact, in many cases, giving up on people we are no longer important to is a matter of self-respect . When the other person does not care about our needs and we have stopped being a priority in their life, there is no reason to hold on to that relationship because that way we would only hurt each other. exchange, we run the risk of getting stuck in a relationship that will bring us only pain and frustration. If we love, without being loved or cling to people who have rebuilt their lives without leaving a space for us, we will remain tied to the past and, what is worse, we will deny ourselves the possibility of being happy.So sometimes giving up on a person it is an act of self-love, it means giving us the opportunity to heal from our wounds and start over again.

The signs that you are no longer important to someone

There are moments in which, even if we have ceased to be important for the person next to us, this one does not abandon us, at least physically, perhaps because he does not dare or because he is linked to us by other bonds that are more difficult to break. This is the case with many relationships in which one of the two has stopped loving the other, but does not dare to end the relationship. In these cases, our emotional involvement, our desire for everything to work and nothing to change, prevents us from seeing reality, prevents us from realizing that we have stopped being important to each other. In these cases, both people end up. to suffer. One because she feels connected to someone for whom she no longer feels anything and the other because she experiences a huge emotional emptiness, because her needs are not being met. Therefore, it is important to learn to recognize the signs of emotional detachment that indicate that we have stopped being important to someone: - You are no longer a priority for that person, probably because his interests and goals have changed and there is no longer any space for you. - That person does not care about your needs, especially from an emotional point of view, so you start to experience feelings of loneliness and abandonment, even if you have someone close. - You are the person most involved in the relationship, while the The other person simply receives what you give, without showing any degree of involvement. - The other person does not consider your ideas and opinions, but makes one-sided decisions for both of you, almost always to satisfy their own needs. person begins to humiliate you, criticize you or walk away for no apparent reason.

How to give up on someone who was important to us?

Giving up on someone who was important to us is difficult. First of all, we must be aware of what the word "renounce" means, that is to voluntarily set aside what we have or could have, means to abandon a commitment, regardless of that person. Therefore, giving up involves making the conscious decision to distance ourselves from someone, eliminating them from our future plans.When we make the conscious decision to distance ourselves from someone who only causes us suffering, we somehow regain control over our life and this renunciation is less painful. Obviously, this does not mean that it will be easy, because the emotional involvement is generally high and we cannot hope to forget that person overnight.In fact, the goal is not to forget, but to be able to live without the other person, rebuilding the our life project without her. It is not about making a clean sweep, but about learning the lesson and moving forward, becoming more resilient people who allow themselves other opportunities to create new emotional bonds.
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