Ginseng coffee, an alternative to coffee

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Coffee, ginseng or ginseng coffee or ginseng drink?

Let's see what are the characteristics of each one, the properties and the effects on the organism.


Ginseng coffee and its properties

The "ginseng coffee" it is obtained from the ginseng root, without adding coffee. With this type of drink you can benefit from all the properties of ginseng which consist in:

1. reduce the sense of hunger and facilitate digestion;
2. make you more alert, attentive and focused;
3. improve memory;
4. relieve fatigue and improve performance;
5. increase resistance to fatigue;
6. lower the sense of anxiety and can help in depression;
7. make people able to resist any type of stress;
8. energize and stimulate the immune, endocrine and nervous systems.

Il ginseng it is the most effective adaptogen existing in the world; there are different varieties and the choice of a high quality ingredient depends on the controlled crops that guarantee its benefits.

The main action as an adaptogen is the ability to make the body respond positively to stressful events and situations of whatever nature they are (environmental, physical, emotional, etc ...).

Acting both on a hormonal level and influencing other body areas, it is able to modulate both with the activation and energization of the body and in sedation and relaxation.

This mechanism is typical of adaptogens which, depending on the subjects who use it and when they take it, can activate or calm the body response.


Ginseng, full of energy against fatigue



Coffee, ginseng drink and ginseng coffee: the differences

The coffee that we can drink daily throughout the country, is a drink obtained from roasting and roasting of the beans of the coffee plant, Coffea Arabica.

This drink usually comes prepared at home with mocha and in bars with the coffee machine, starting from both dust of coffee you give beans Inter ground extemporaneously.

The extraction process requires boiling water which impregnates the ground coffee powder and allows the active ingredients to escape into the drink. Among the most well-known substances in coffee we remember the most famous, the caffeine.

It is obtained instead from the Panax ginseng plant, native to the cold Asian or North American countries, a ginseng drink with the procedure of decoction, putting the Ginseng root, dried and sometimes pulverized, in water and on the fire until it boils, and boiled for at least 15 minutes.

With the fire off, the liquid left to rest for another 15 minutes and filtered. This drink contains many active ingredients healthy effect, such as i ginsenosides with adaptogenic action. The flavor of this drink is initially intense and bitter, but then releases a pleasantly sweet and full-bodied aftertaste.

Ginseng coffee finally it is a “modern” coffee alternative that was produced by creating a starting blend of coffee and ginseng.

This blend contains indeed coffee with the addition of ginseng root powder; often, however, other substances are also added that it would be better to avoid in order to have a product that is as natural as possible.

In this drink we will find both the active ingredients of coffee (caffeine) and ginseng that united together they might be too strong for some subjects.



Effects of coffee

Coffee contains substances with a nerve effect such as caffeine which act on the nervous system and can lead to addiction and addiction. The action on the nerves can in fact lead to nervousness, irritability, tachycardia in the heart, insomnia or depression.

Even if coffee has several beneficial properties on its side, it is still a drink to be kept under control in terms of quantities and it is recommended to do not exceed 3 cups a day, especially if you add up the same effects as other nerve foods like chocolate and tea.


The effects of ginseng coffee and ginseng drink

Ginseng drink and ginseng coffee can be safely used for their benefits even if they have to however, check the quantities.

In excess or in association with other drinks such as coffee with nerve action they can in fact cause arrhythmias, irritability, insomnia, hives, headache and diarrhea.

It is also not recommended for pregnant women and those who are too sensitive and nervous.


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