Getting older without getting old

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Getting older without getting old

Why do some people seem to carry the load of each passing year as if it were a heavy burden, while others continue to turn years without feeling old? Let's explore the differences between growing old and getting old.

Last update: October 28, 2019

Why do some people seem to age better than others? Sometimes we attribute this difference to health or economic stability. However, there is often one detail that we overlook and that is that getting old and getting old are two separate things.

It doesn't seem that the real answer lies in health or economic status. There is no doubt that these elements are helpful, but many people who enjoy both conditions of life seem to live a very unhappy existence compared to others who face major challenges in both respects.

People who age with a youthful spirit don't feel old. Indeed, many of them complain that they have to share activities, customs and habits that belong to the elderly. This - beyond the smile that can awaken in us - is a reality that completely changes the way we understand aging.

Not all seniors feel old

My father was a person unable to feel old. Until the day before his death she had plans, studied and did activities to be completed in the long term and which enriched his days.

I have never seen him surrender to a limit or to the defeats imposed by age, to that physical deterioration that we all suffer with the passage of time. He did not like the company of so many people of his age, because he said they had grown old. And that made me smile.

Not even the disease was able to change his attitude. A heart problem that has plagued him in the last years of his life and that has given him many worries. He has always dealt with it with an excellent sense of humor and has never allowed the disease to spread so far that it occupies every corner of his life.

Reflecting on this way of not giving up on limits, I realize that it had always been a part of him. He has never felt comfortable with people his age. My father has always surrounded himself with young people. He had become a mentor to many young people who felt drawn to aviation, sharing experiences and training many of them.

My childhood memories in the family are very similar to those in school. She was always full of young people, full of vitality, with bright minds, eager to learn, with big plans for the future and with my father always surrounded by them, full of passion and willing to teach others what he liked so much Do. With age, this aspect has not changed and is perhaps the best way to age to age and, without a doubt, the best model.

Why do you age badly?

This is a difficult question to answer. What is certain is that people don't change much as they get older. It happens instead that, perhaps, we get closer to our true self. Maybe we don't have enough energy left to hide it.

In many cases, aging people are victims of their own bad mood, lack of empathy, are full of resentment and frustration, they are just a reflection of the way they have lived. Probably, most of the time they were already like this, even before they became adults. Except that as it becomes more and more difficult to hide one's nature and this is reflected in all aspects of our life.

Aging and feeling young

There are some patterns and qualities that seem to be common in people who continue to feel young as they get older. In these general lines, the real difference between aging and feeling old seems to lie.

Can we avoid aging prematurely? Can we grow old without feeling old? What is the secret of older people enjoying meaningful, complete, and fulfilling lives? We have some clues that our livelier elders have handed down to us.

The secrets

Preserving the passion, looking towards the horizon, seems to be a key point. Opt for activities that motivate us, that transmit emotions. Be creative, help out socially, get involved and follow an agenda of daily activities.

Maintain and build healthy relationships around us. The family is important, it is true, but establishing friendships that last over time is a guarantee of future emotional well-being. Selflessness is also a common quality shared by seniors who age well.

Helping others gives us a sense of belonging, that life has value because it is useful for someone. Being able to help others has a positive effect on self-esteem.

Plus, our seniors-youngsters share a passion for fun and a sense of humor. Having fun has no age and a smile is a source of vitality. Feeding a sense of humor is a great way to keep your brain trained.

Beliefs, personal values, spiritual practices. Absolutely personal concepts that are a reflection of our values, each in the way that best suits itself. The latter appears to be an unparalleled source of rejuvenation.

Getting old or getting old: a real challenge

We cannot develop at a certain age these qualities which seem to indicate the great differences between getting old and getting old. We don't notice it, but we all age a little every day.

The way we're living our lives today, the way we feel today, in our skin, is what will decide, in a certain way, if we will be able to enjoy our old age or if, instead, we will suffer from it. Are you ready for this challenge?

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