Getting back together after months: 4 winning tips on how to do it

Is it possible to get back together after months? What is the time limit beyond which it is no longer feasible? And above all, what to do to get back together months after the breakup?

If you and your ex-partner have already broken up for a few months, but you still have feelings towards him, surely you are wondering if a reconciliation between the two of you is possible despite the time elapsed.

Well, the good news is that most couples who manage to get back together after a major breakup, he does it just a few months later. To regain mutual interest and resolve any problems that led to the breakup, it takes time, and one or two weeks are certainly not enough.

In this article we will delve into all the main dynamics that come into play after the end of a relationship, and I will also give you valuable advice on how to get back together after months, even though the ex-partner currently doesn't seem to want to know anything about it.

Is it possible to get back together after months?

A little while ago I gave you a little spoiler: I already told you that it is possible to get back together after months, but now I want to explain why. First, after a relationship ends both partners need to take your time.

Recognizing that you have this need is not easy, because the fear of permanently losing the other person is much heavier and more intrusive. However, when you get there to leave, it is appropriate take a step back and stop.

Starting to do a thousand things madly, at random, just to avoid that feeling of being idle is the most wrong thing you can do.

Another reason why it is possible to get back together after months is the reflection on the relationship itself. In order to fix things, you need to be very aware of everything that went wrong, why the relationship ended, what are the improvements that must be made.

At the same time, the partner who made the decision to end the relationship must have time to letting go of negative emotions which reconnects to history itself. It is important to shake off that negativity with which one looks at one's past.

In order to do both of these things - reflect on the relationship and let go of negative feelings - you need to take time. Usually, in this case we are talking about the famous period of no contact.

The mistake that most people make, however, is to think that after no contact everything is quick and easy. And invece in the. It is necessary to re-establish a positive and effective communication with the ex partner to understand what is the path he has made.

Are you ready to hear from you? Do you feel like it? Do you need more time? How long to wait for the first release? What I am trying to tell you is that it is the same path of reconquest to be long, and requires a lot of patience.

Therefore, getting back together after months is not only possible, but it is the situation that presents itself in most cases. You know the saying "Time heals wounds“? Here, let this time pass, without too many fears or anxieties.

Getting back together after months: what to do

Having established that getting back together after months is feasible, and indeed, it is perhaps the best and most favorable situation for each couple, now let's see what you will have to do in practice to begin your journey of reconquest.

Every step you find below is extremely important, and also know that theorder in which I reported them is not at all accidental. Building a castle always starts with the basics, so don't make the mistake of being devoured by haste.

Better to do things well than to run and then have to think about how to remedy the mistakes made. And if you do exactly what you find written below, I assure you that you will not make any mistakes.

1. Prove your improvements

As we said a little while ago, if several months have passed since you broke up, it means that you have had the opportunity to analyze the relationship and, with it, also everything that concerns yourself in the first person.

If you are the partner who was left, then, it means that during the course of the relationship you have had some shortcomings or behaviors that have hurt or disappointed the other person. And if you wish to get back together, you have to prove that you have lived a change process.

If you have limited yourself to waiting for time to pass without making any changes in your mentality, in your character or even in the way you express your feelings, your ex he will have no reason to come back with you.

2. Get back to your ex effectively

It is possible to break up and get back together after months, as long as the re-contact with the ex partner happen in the right way. The most important thing you need to avoid is being pleading or still very sad about the breakup.

Your atteggiamento, as well asapproach itself, it will be crucial in order to start a conversation. Each path of reconquest always begins with a light, nice and pleasant re-contact, which invites the ex to respond.

Even a simple message like this: “Yesterday while I was going to the gym I met Francesca and we stopped to chat ... it was inevitable to think back to the old days. How are you? I hope all is well!"

As you can see, there is no talk of you, you or the end of the relationship. You don't arouse negative or heavy emotions, you do set foot in his life in a pleasant way, almost like a friend could do.

3. Snap the spark again

In addition to the recontact, followed by the conversation you will have, the moment will come when you will find yourself in front of each other. This, as you can imagine, is a really important time, since from there on you will be facing a crossroads: see you again or say goodbye again.

Therefore, the appointment must go well. This, however, does not mean that everything has to be "pre-built". The point, in fact, is to try to bring up the reasons why he / she fell in love with you.

Be yourself, be that person your ex lost his mind about. I am not saying to tread your hand, because your conversations will still have to remain soft and pleasant, but know that this one it's your chance to redeem the spark.

4. Talk about the positive aspects of your past

The fourth and final piece of advice I give you to get back together after months is to focus on the positive events in your relationship. Instead, everything related to quarrels, misunderstandings or the breakup itself, must be completely bandito.

Your goal must be to do positive things resurface, fun and engaging that you have lived together, pretending that the negative ones never even happened.

Clearly, you will always have to do it lightly, perhaps by bringing out moments where you have been good together or where something funny has happened. This way you will feel right away on the same wavelength.

Getting back together after months: conclusions

Today I think you have had a very important and positive news: getting back together after months is possible. Indeed, if it's been a long time since the day of the breakup, let's also say that you are in one optimal location to be able to think about the reconquest of the ex partner (unless in the meantime you have not turned into a doormat in his eyes).

And in fact, a little while ago we saw the primi quattro step that you will have to do to start understanding how to move. However, stopping here is not enough to get back together after months. In this article I have tried to deal with the subject as thoroughly as possible, but you will agree with me that here there is a need for a real method to follow.

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