Get rid of the pounds with the water diet

It arrived in bookstores a few months ago and the fourth edition is already about to be released. The new book by dietician Nicola Sorrentino, The water diet (Salani Editore), launches a great novelty: drink 12 glasses of water a day, 2 of which for breakfast, 2 for lunch and the same number for dinner helps to lose weight in a physiological way, and without sacrifices.

"Water has a slimming effect due to two factors," explains Sorrentino. "The first? If it is fresh, drunk at a temperature of 12 ° C, activates thermogenesis, one of the main engines of weight loss predisposed by the body. In fact, when it reaches the stomach, it is automatically heated and brought to a temperature of 37 ° C, equal to that of the body. This mechanism, called thermogenesis, is made possible only by the storage and combustion of adipose deposits ».

Secondly, water is the fuel of the muscles. It is enough to have a hint of dehydration to slow down all muscle activity. Unknowingly, you move less, with little sprint and, therefore, burn fewer calories. In the end, drink two 120ml large glasses of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner (and the other 6 throughout the day) promotes the sense of satiety and helps to eat less. Here is a weekly scheme of a low-calorie diet "washed down" with plenty of water, developed by Professor Sorrentino. Effortlessly followed for two weeks will help you shed those 3-4 pounds that don't go down.

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