Germanium, properties and benefits

Germanium, properties and benefits

Germany: What is it

Il germanium it is a mineral that, in nature, is found mainly in inorganic form. Towards the middle of the twentieth century an organometallic compound deriving from germanium was formulated, which gave life to organic germanium or Ge 900.

The latter is the type of germanium found on the market and which is very useful as a food supplement. The inorganic germ, on the other hand, has toxic effects on health.

He germaio is found naturally in small quantities in a few foods: in aloe arborescens, ginseng, Shitake mushrooms, Reishi mushroom, horsetail, chlorella seaweed and garlic.

However, the quantity is too low to manifest, when taken from food sources, appreciable effects on well-being.


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Organic germanium: properties and benefits

Il organic germ manifests numerous property. The first and most important property of germanium is the ability to increase the supply and the availability of oxygen to the cells: cells live on energy and oxygen, cellular oxidation produces waste elements, and the germaio is able to accelerate cell turnover and the elimination of aged cells from the organism, improving the production of new cells.

Il germanium, due to this capacity, it is a immunostimulatory: it is in fact able to enhance the action of macrophages (cells responsible for the capture and elimination of cells, cell waste, and any other element recognized as foreign by the body) of T lymphocytes (which serve to eliminate pathogens such as bacteria, virus, cancer cells), lymphokine cells (a particular type of molecules that modulate immune response and function) and NK cells (responsible for recognizing and destroying cancer cells).

These properties of the organic germ lead one to think that it has a primary importance in fight against cancer and also in the cases of acquired immunodeficiency.

Germanium is capable of carrying, in addition to oxygen, too electrons: this makes it useful in cases of hypoxia, when there is not sufficient oxygen supply to cells and tissues. The organic germ can in fact be used in case of ischemia cardio vascular and neuro vascular, when there is a lower blood supply to the cells, and therefore of oxygen, or when the arterial blood carries little oxygen.

Another property of the organic germ is that of facilitate the elimination of heavy metals by the body, such as mercury, lead and cadmium, inserted into the body through food and through the polluted environment.

For its ability to carry oxygen and electrons to the cells the organic germ stimulates metabolism and vitality of the whole organism: lowers blood levels of glucose and cholesterol, stimulates the immune system, eliminates free radicals and brings oxygen to the cells.

Numerous studies are still ongoing for test and confirm the results obtained through in vitro experiments and on animals.

For this reason germanium should be taken with caution, avoiding it in the case of kidney and liver diseases, as the detoxifying effects of germanium put more work into these two organs.

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