Fundamental skills for successful conflict resolution

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Fundamental skills for successful conflict resolution

Last update: 14 September, 2022

Resolving arguments and quarrels with some success essentially depends on the ability to regulate stress and control emotions. Learning to manage conflicts in a healthy way will increase the understanding of the other person, mutual trust, strengthen the relationship, whatever it is.

However, in order to be able to resolve conflict in a positive way, it is essential to keep your stress levels under control and to get to know each other. When people don't know their feelings and get carried away with stress, they pay attention to only a limited number of emotions. Furthermore, in these conditions, people are not able to understand their own needs, so it will be very difficult to communicate them to others.

To successfully resolve a conflict or a quarrel, therefore, it is necessary to learn and put into practice two indispensable skills: the ability to reduce stress at the right time and the ability to feel comfortable with one's emotions in order to react in a manner constructive even in the middle of an argument.

Quickly reduce stress: the first trick to resolving conflicts

Being able to manage and reduce the stress of the moment is important for maintaining balance, focus and even control. People who are unable to maintain control over themselves feel overwhelmed in the event of an argument or argument and are unable to react in a healthy and constructive way.

Stress interferes with the ability to resolve conflicts because it limits the ability to correctly interpret the other person's non-verbal communication, the ability to hear what he is actually saying, the ability to be aware of one's feelings, the ability to recognize needs and to communicate them clearly.

The best way to relieve and reduce stress quickly and safely is through the senses and sensory stimulation: a smell, a taste, a sound, an image, stroking or squeezing something, all resort to some tricks to relax and soothe themselves.. Since every person reacts to stimuli in a different way, it is necessary that each find those that calm him and that he can use or put into practice whenever necessary.

Emotional awareness: the second fundamental skill for resolving conflicts

Emotional awareness is key to understanding yourself and others. Those who do not know how they feel or why they feel a certain way will not be able to communicate effectively or resolve conflicts.

While knowing your feelings seems simple, many people ignore certain emotions, such as anger, sadness, and fear. However, the ability to manage a conflict also depends on the ability to connect with one's feelings.

Emotional awareness is a key factor in resolving quarrels and discussions because it helps to manage feelings correctly, fueling the communication process necessary to resolve disagreements.

Emotional awareness helps to understand what is really bothering the other person, to understand oneself (even their own concerns), to stay motivated until the conflict is completely resolved, to communicate clearly and effectively and to attract attention of the others.

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