Full-time moms: 5 healthy habits

Full-time moms: 5 healthy habits

Full-time moms: 5 healthy habits

Last update: 14 September, 2019

Full-time moms do a wonderful job, but sometimes they end up forgetting about themselves. Worries, lack of rest, and attention to different things can sometimes affect their emotional health. For this reason, today we discover 5 healthy habits aimed at solving all these problems.

Before looking at each habit individually, we must be aware that sometimes it will be difficult to put them into practice. Many unforeseen events can arise that will ruin everything we had planned. For this reason, we must always be flexible. If the following habits cannot be practiced or if they require special adaptation, nothing happens. Just take care of yourself little by little. Let's see the best habits for full-time moms.

Healthy habits for full-time moms

1. Some time for yourself

Full-time moms need some time for themselves to take care of themselves. The problem is that they are busy most of the time. A good option is to get up very early in the morning. In this way, everyone in the house will be sleeping and it will be possible to devote a few minutes to themselves.

You can take advantage of this time to think about yourself or to organize your agenda. You can also do physical activity, read a book, take a nice relaxing bath or have a leisurely breakfast. The important thing is that you are well, do what you like and that at other times of the day it is impossible for you to do.

2. Offer quality time to children

Full-time moms spend most of their time with their children. But being with them physically doesn't mean they give them quality time. What does this mean? That if they don't share playtime with their children or talk to them just to scold them or say what to do, they don't participate in their development.

Playing with children, listening to them, stopping other things to sit and talk, laugh or joke with them is essential and it will be of benefit to mothers as well as to little ones. Thanks to this, their bond will be strengthened and mothers will be able to connect with their inner, infantile, innocent and new girls for whom everything is new.

3. Enjoying time without the kids!

Children are the most important people to their mothers, but it is important that the latter can enjoy time without the sons. For example, going out with friends or going to dinner with your partner.

Being a full-time mom doesn't mean doing everything in the company of your children. Thinking like this can ruin friendships and relationships. We need to set aside time not only for our family, but for all of our relationships as well. This is why it is so important to get organized. The ideal is to establish a balance.

4. Don't pretend to do everything

Full-time moms take on too many responsibilities. They believe they have to do everything and do not let themselves be helped. They have an enormous sense of responsibility from which they cannot escape.

One reason for this is that they feel guilty. The pressure of society on the maternal role is extremely present. However, there is no such thing as a perfect mother and thinking of yourself to enjoy a few moments without the children or to take care of yourself does not mean being selfish. Being aware of this will allow all mothers to feel much better and enjoy greater emotional well-being.

5. Keep learning

Full-time moms think they don't have time for anything. They only dedicate themselves to their children, putting aside personal aspirations and goals. However, even in this case a balance can be achieved.

Thanks to the multitude of possibilities that the internet offers, it is possible to continue to learn, to study, for example by means of online courses or even work from home. 

Being a mother is a very fulfilling job. However, other areas of life that also require attention should never be put aside. We remember that children grow up and who, in no time at all, will leave the nest. What will happen then? Maybe we will feel a void. For this reason it is important to find time, even if it is just a few minutes, to call that friend, spend time alone with your partner or watch that video on a topic that we would like to learn more about.

And you, are you full-time mothers? Why don't you include some of the habits mentioned in your routine?

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