Fruits and vegetables in February

Fruits and vegetables in February

Let's find out which fruit and which vegetables to buy in February.

The vegetables of February

In the shopping cart of fruit and vegetables in February can not miss the chard, rich in vitamins, mineral salts and folic acid. Thanks to its delicate and sweet flavor, chard is one of the most popular among the February vegetables. It lends itself to various preparations, and is excellent, together with spinach, to prepare a delicious erbazzone or as the main ingredient of other savory pies.

Typical of February is also the jerusalem artichokes, also called German turnip, to be eaten steamed or raw in salads. The main feature of this tuber is the richness of fibers, compared to a very limited caloric intake. Jerusalem artichoke regulatesintestine and is rich in inulin.

It cannot be missing either beetroot, known for the presence of antioxidants and the benefits it therefore brings to everything cardiovascular system.


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The fruit of February

Among the seasonal fruit available in February we still find apples, of all colors; citrus, for a little while longer; and of Kiwi. Among the fruit and vegetables of February these products cannot be missing, but it is advisable to fill the cart also di dried fruit, very useful in the winter months especially for its remineralizing properties.

Citrus fruits, very rich in vitamin C, are useful for preventing colds typical of winter, but even richer in this vitamin is kiwi, which is also excellent for its diuretic and laxative functions.

And let's not forget the apples, always choosing them in a different color, to vary the winter diet a little and to make the February table more colorful. An apple a day, you know, keeps the doctor away and ... if the saying goes ... you have to believe it.


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