Fruit and vegetable juices that make you lose weight

Fruit and vegetable juices that make you lose weight

Lose pounds the healthy way, respecting the body correctly, is not child's play. Anyone who has even tried it once knows it. Determination, perseverance, patience ... these are all essential qualities for completing the mission, but they are not enough on their own.

You need regularity in physical exercise, knowledge of foods, and a correct use of some of them. In this article we will focus on some juices that help with their characteristics those who are embarking on the adventure of slimming.

Many dieticians consider i juice one of the best tools for losing weight, many sportsmen use it to maintain a healthy weight and to present themselves in the best conditions at sporting events.

Nature offers us numerous fruits and vegetables useful for this purpose. What to wait?


Pomegranate and lichi juice

Two of the ingredients most used by athletes and suggested by dieticians for this type of juice are pomegranate and litchi.

Rich in anthocyanins with antioxidant power, they both know how to rehydrate muscle tissues tired from athletic activity.

They help in the reabsorption of lactic acid, are useful in properly burning excess calories, support the repair of muscle mass by proteins, and keep both muscles and tendons and skin elastic.

They are also fruits that they help reduce appetite, and are therefore perfect to drink after training and before meals.


Watermelon, lemon and mint juice

Don't drink enough during the day and want to lose weight? A watermelon juice with lemon juice it can be for you.

Watermelon is extremely rehydrating, since the mineral minerals it contains make its water particularly assimilable, more than normal bottled water.

Lemon juice has antioxidant properties thanks to vitamin C. One of the secrets of this juice is to add mint leaves and keep it cool in the fridge: watermelon, lemon and mint enhance each other and leave a tnato feeling. pleasant that you will be tempted to drink more, thus solving the problem of not drinking enough and losing weight incorrectly.


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Juice to sweat and rehydrate

Another delicious way to lose weight is to replace a meal with fruit and vegetable juice that satiates, rehydrates and remineralizes.

Here is a classic one: 3 carrots, for an pepper yellow, a Kiwi, for an grapefruit, and finally ginger, beet and leaves of stevia to taste.

The mix thus obtained is excellent for maintaining healthy skin and muscles, inducing sweating and at the same time rehydrates and remineralizes.

Last but not least, the fiber of these ingredients gives a feeling of satiety so as to turn out a great lunch happen.


Beetroot and celery juice to manage toxins

Losing weight also means introducing toxins into the body. Often the human body stores the toxins in the lipids, safely away from the main organs, but when we are about to dissolve the fat mass they re-enter the bloodstream and must therefore be able to expel.

Help can come from beetroot and celery juice, which for this purpose are two truly suitable vegetables. To the celery and some spinach leaves, lime juice and sea salt can be added to the beetroot.


Sprouts of watercress

Many athletes intent on keeping weight under control start the day by drinking a juice that contains it sprouts of watercress.

Watercress helps burn fat, speeds up the metabolism, sates, sets in motion the organism which in some motion feels activated in its different types of energy.

Watercress sprouts can be mixed with carrots, tomatoes, celery, spianaci, citrus juice or apple juice, alternatively.

This is the typical juice to drink in the morning, together with a couple of slices of toast so that everything lasts in the stomach until lunch.


Most drunk ...

If we love to look at statistics, we will see that one of the juices most drunk by those who want to lose weight consists of the following ingredients: apple juice, cucumber, celery, a few black cabbage leaves, ginger, lemon juice.

We find a sum of the various properties that a juice capable of helping to lose weight should have: antioxidant, rehydrating, nourishing, able to remove hunger, remineralizing, elasticizing, stimulates the production of collagen, supports the cleansing of the intestine, gives energy to the body despite the period of stress it can go through.


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