From suffering the strongest souls are born

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From suffering the strongest souls are born

Last update: October 02, 2015

From suffering the strongest souls are born, those who, despite the difficulties and problems, have chosen not to give up. Resistant souls, resilient souls.

Souls who have gone through the valley of efforts and complications, but then they are resurrected with new life lessons.

Souls who have navigated the depths of laziness and suffering, sailed on the ocean of fears, but also of personal overcoming and courage. Strong souls, docile souls.

Souls who got lost in the labyrinth of obstacles, remained trapped in enveloping cobwebs and chained in the prison of their fears, but who were able to find their way home. Brave souls.

Sensitive, delicate and inspiring souls. Because a good part of their strength is constituted by the sensitivity of their looks, by the delicacy of their actions, and by the depth of their interiority.

Souls who have turned their open wounds into scars, now signs of all the events lived and overcome, of the battles in which they participated growing up and walking with their heads held high. With willpower, anything is possible. The art of living does not lie in eliminating problems, but in growing despite them.

These wounds, scars today, shine as witnesses to the capacity these souls have employed to turn difficult and painful situations into great successes.

There is no scar that does not contain beauty. Personal stories, pains, fears, interrupted hopes are buried in the scars ...

As the writer and singer Marwan says, scars are the seams of memory, those imperfect points that heal wounds, but which also hurt us, the sign that allows us to never forget those injuries despite the time.

Scars are part of the armor of strong souls; courage and resilience are the shield; love and goodness are the antidote to heal wounds.

From suffering the strongest souls are born. Patient souls, persistent souls, who sought a smile after every tear, the alternative to every problem, the opportunity in every crisis.

Giant souls, despite being almost invisible. Because their greatness lies in the ability to recover, a great quality, but at the same time invisible.

Heroic souls who managed to see the light in the darkness, the rainbow in the storm.

Souls who, when they realized they could not change people, circumstances or things, decided to change their attitude to face suffering. Insightful souls.

Souls who, along their trajectory, have met themselves, have chosen to know each other and to be their best company. Deep souls.

Master souls; important lessons can be learned from them and talked about the abyss of difficulties. These souls give birth in us the will to overcome ourselves and continue to fight, because with them painful memories are transformed into a gift to help others.

Apprentice souls. They use all the bad things in life as a support to grow and progress, to evolve despite the storms. They discovered the ability to reinterpret different perspectives.

Souls full of beauty, with magical shades. Souls willing to help us when we need it, because no one like them knows how intense a feeling can become. Intelligent souls.

From suffering the strongest souls are born. Today I am grateful for their ability to recover despite the fact that winter always arrives on time. They are our greatest example of survival.

Thank you!

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