From sadness to creativity

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From sadness to creativity

There are people who manage to make the most of despite a negative mood. This also happens when we go from sadness to creativity.

Last update: May 27, 2020

Sadness is an emotion that can surface at any moment; it is an intense sensation that can make us feel overwhelmed and generate great discomfort. However, sometimes it can also be used as a tool to get the best out of oneself. There are many who, passing from sadness to creativity, they are able to give vent to their talent.

We have been taught that happiness is the highest goal one can aspire to. This suggests that feeling sad is bad, but that's not always the case. There are moments for every emotion, so it's important to allow yourself to feel and express them. Sadness is therefore a necessary emotion and from which you can even take advantage.

By allowing ourselves to be sad, we can learn a lot. It all depends on the perspective and attitude we adopt. There are several ways to take advantage of sadness and one of them is through artistic expression. In this article we will teach you four strategies to go from sadness to creativity.

4 ways to go from sadness to creativity

1. Connect with yourself

Seek and immerse yourself in the deepest part of you. Many times it seems difficult to accept sadness because we think that we must always be happy.

We believe that feeling this thrill is negative, to be avoided and can generate a sense of guilt. But if we allow ourselves to feel this emotion, we will be able to connect with our essence and create unique things.

Moving from sadness to creativity is about taking advantage of pain to reshape the inner world, creating. Through art, we can transform this emotion and express what overwhelms us, transferring what we feel and think into our work or deciphering what we want to repair.

“The most powerful art in life is to make pain a healing talisman. A butterfly is reborn, blooming in a festival of colors. "

Frida Kahlo

Creativity comes from the deepest part of our being. When we manage to bond with ourselves, we will have more chances to summon it.

Since sadness is often an intense emotion, linked to our innermost aspects, we can draw our most creative side from it if we know how to connect to our inner self. It is about going in depth and expressing it through art.

Once in tune with our feelings, creativity will surface. We connect with the emotion and let it flow. The power to create and heal the emotional wound will come into us.

This process will not be quick, getting to know each other in depth requires taking each step calmly. It will then be easier to do it every time the creative side makes its way into us.

2. Choose a place where you feel good

It is easier to find inspiration in a place where you feel comfortable. Each person has their own corner that will allow them to find tranquility and harmony. Since we are all different, the choice will depend on the individual.

Think, of all the places you know, which one you feel most comfortable in. You can even pick one you've never visited, explore it and see if it's a pleasant space. The important thing is that it is a place that favors the expression of creativity.

Choosing the right place is as easy as thinking of a welcoming place. Where you will feel the magic and you can be free to express everything you have inside.

3. Select the one you like

Once you have found this “magical” place, start thinking about which type of art attracts you the most. For example: theater, dance, writing, painting, music… There are many options available: what would you like to do? With which art do you feel the greatest feeling?

Remember that there are endless choices. When you have chosen the type of art to explore, you will need to identify the elements you will need to put it into practice.

Here are some ideas for going from creativity to sadness. But remember: only you, more than anyone else, know what to do:

  • Some material that will allow you to paint. For example paper, canvas, colored pencils, paints, markers, charcoal, watercolors ...
  • Comfortable clothes for dancing or acting: that favor contact with the deepest part of you, together with the music you like best. Even for arts that don't require a lot of movement, feeling comfortable is just as important.
  • Blank pages to compose a song, write a poem, a story. To express yourself, you will only need a pen and paper. Using a computer is fine too.
  • Use your body to play or create a scene. Look for the elements that best suit you.
  • A tool. Write a song or play one composed by someone else. If you don't know how to play, remember that singing is an art within everyone's reach.
  • Make art using the computer. Editing videos is a very fun example.
  • Wouldn't you like to create a sculpture? Das, plaster, plasticine, clay…. Choose the material that best suits your tastes, your skills and get to work.

Unleash your imagination and start unleashing the art that slumbers in you. Remember that after choosing the type of art to devote yourself to, you will have to look for the necessary elements. Thus, you can begin to express yourself freely.

4. Capture what it feels like to move from sadness to creativity

To turn pain into art, let everything within and flow start giving voice to creativity through the materials chosen to make this work.

You can create the first thing that comes to your mind; once started, it will be easier to continue. It's about trying until creativity fully emerges, pushing to express everything we want and need.

Feel free to think about what is bothering you, dare to be yourself and communicate everything you feel. This will be possible by reshaping what has hurt you. One of the best ways to do this is to think about what is causing you pain, giving it new meaning in order to learn from the experience or to get rid of sadness.

If you don't feel confident starting on your own, don't worry: you can go from sadness to creativity through art therapy, a form of psychological help that seeks personal well-being through art. It is a fantastic adventure towards self-knowledge through creation, or solving problems through artistic representation.

Go from sadness to creativity it's a wonderful way to get the best out of what overwhelms. It also allows you to connect with yourself, explore creativity through different materials and types of art, and capture your innermost feelings.

Feel the sadness, let yourself be carried away by creativity, build it, reshape it, let it flow from your deepest self. Going from sadness to creativity can be as easy as opening your mind and accepting that pain is an emotion from which something positive can be achieved.

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