Freshmen at the table, the nutrition manual for students

Freshmen at the table, the nutrition manual for students

Who is Gloria Barraco, the author of Matricole a Tavola

Born in 1988, Gloria Barraco graduated in Medicine and Surgery, specialized in Human Nutrition Sciences, with a Higher Education course in Pediatric Nutrition and a Master in Quality Management and Control.

He spent the time of his Erasmus project in the nutrition physiology research laboratories ofUniversity of Navarra and was Research Fellow in the departments of Multifactorial Diseases and Complex Phenotypes of theBambino Gesù Hospital in Rome.

With this manual intends to merge her experience as an off-site student to that clinic in direct contact with patients.

Eat or feed?

The topic of nutrition is little dealt with at school level, since the years of high school. Many young boys, catapulted into the university world, are very often confused when faced with understanding the need to eat well.

Consequently, many fall back on quick choices but, very often, unhealthy. This practical and direct manual is presented as aim to provide students with useful information in terms of nutrition and health, to be able to move from lunches based on milk and biscuits to smart choices to face the different commitments with the right dose of nutrients.

As the author herself states "knowledge sets you free”, Free to be autonomous in making informed choices from the shopping cart to the pantry, from breakfast to dinner at home or outside.

Freshmen at the table

Freshmen at the table consists of 6 chapters, well structured, which address the fundamental issues of nutrition science: how food can enhance our state of health, what is the ideal diet to promote memory and learning, how biological clocks work (the science of chronobiology), such as shopping consciously and also the importance of packaged food labels.

Without forgetting, of course, to pass from the themes of sustainability and the most useful cooking techniques a preserve the nutritional characteristics of food without neglecting the aspect of sharing and pleasure inherent at mealtimes.

La food day and the weekly menu they have to contemplate what the body really needs.

You learn how to cook

In the kitchen, a little intuition, curiosity and a few ingredients are enough.

In the book there are numerous i NutriConsigli © that the writer provides: how to alternate raw and cooked vegetables or choose cooking methods that are useful in order not to disperse too many micronutrients, or how to choose the most correct pan for cooking or organizing time for food preparation.

Why the one that costs the university student the most, in terms of time, is consuming fresh food.

You don't need whole days but an hour only to prepare fish or legumes and then place them in a container in the refrigerator or freezer to draw on during the week.

The section of the NuTRISpiatto© (chapter 5) and the planning of the weekly menu, where the balanced composition of a meal is described: vegetables always at the forefront, followed by a good source of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

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