Fresh figs and cholesterol

Fresh figs and cholesterol

Nutritional properties of figs

I fresh figs have a high content ofwater, about 80 g per 100 g of product. Carbohydrates amount to about 19g with 3g of fiber - cellulose and pectins - and 16 g of simple sugars - mostly fructose and glucose with small traces of sucrose.


Le protein they amount to just 1g while fats are practically absent. Two medium fruits, approximately 100g, provide 74 kcal, therefore, the demonization of fresh figs as a food rich in calories, done by many parties, appears completely unjustified. 


They have to pay attention to the consumption of fresh figs in diabetic subjects or with low-fiber diets.


The mineral salt content is important, especially potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, calcium and iron. Good vitamin content, especially vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C and vitamins of group B, especially B1 and B6.
For this, consuming 3 or at most 4 per day certainly can't hurt to the line.


Il Dried fig it has the same set of nutrients that are simply found more concentrated as the water content drops from 80 to 30 g per 100 g of product. 


Of course, calories also increase as 100g of dried figs they provide over 270 kcal, largely coming from simple sugars, it is therefore important not to overdo the quantities given that this quantity, if not adequately balanced by the presence of other, it can cause your blood sugar to soar, raise insulin and accelerate the accumulation of fat. 


Who is greedy of figs is good that you never consume them alone but matched always a protein source (such as natural yogurt, ricotta or even raw ham without fat) and a source of "good" fats: walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds.

Figs: benefits and contraindications

I benefits in case of high blood sugar and cholesterol are there. The use of fig extract also appears to be useful in improving blood levels of total cholesterol, triglycerides and total cholesterol / hdl cholesterol ratio in some animal studies. 


In the same way fig extract appears to have hypoglycemic properties and improve the parameters and health of diabetic rats.


These fruits also have laxative and diuretic properties mainly due to the presence of fibers and mucilages: they are contained in the fig digestive enzymes which facilitate the assimilation of foods. 


Would you like to eat more? Avoid sweets. So if you want to include figs in your diet in the summer, you can do it safely. 


But remember never to taste them alone and on an empty stomach: it's the “ideal” way to instantly turn their sugars into fat deposits! Do not overdo the quantities as an excessive intake, due to the numerous seeds contained, can have an astringent action and in addition it can worsen cases of diverticulosis and colitis.

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