Fresh dates or dried dates? What differences?

The date is an ancient fruit: it is no coincidence that it is said that “it has the age of dates” of something or someone of long age or duration.

In fact, even these fruits can last a long time in our homes especially if well dried.

The date itself is a powerful energy provider thanks to its high carbohydrate component. But which ones to prefer? Fresh dates or dried ones?


Preservation of dates

First by dry date we mean the dried fruit, that is subjected to a natural drying process that preserves all the nutrients of the food and retains them in a more concentrated form because they have dried the aqueous component.

The duration of the dried date is obviously higher than that of the fresh one, even if the latter, if kept well in the refrigerator or in a freezer, can arrive intact on our tables even after 8/9 months.


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Energy values ​​of dates

The caloric intake of dried dates is extremely higher than fresh ones. The buckets as already mentioned have a higher concentration of nutrients and consequently a much more powerful energy supply. Compared to 100 grams of fresh dates which contain about 142 calories, 100 grams of dried dates can be up to double!


Nutritional properties of dates

Dates are rich in macro and micro nutrients. I macronutrienti, proteins, fats and carbohydrates have different concentrations in dried dates than in fresh dates.

Particularly carbohydrates are even double in dry dates of the same weight. Fiber intake also differs a lot, and dried fruits are a much more generous source.

Micronutrients, vitamins and minerals compete for the field: the contribution of calcium and iron is higher in dried dates, but the vitamin C component is the prerogative of the fresh fruit, in dried dates it almost completely disappears, because it is an unstable vitamin with rapid oxidation .


Benefits of dates

> Dates in general they are a highly energetic food and supplement our sugar reserves, consumption is suitable for athletes;
The iron intake content make them a useful supplement to be taken in case of anemia;
> They can be a remedy to counteract constipation, leaving some fruits immersed in a glass of water all night to drink then in the morning.


Contraindications in taking dates

For its high sugar intake, the consumption of dates it is not recommended for those with diabetes or tending to have high blood glucose values.
Then let's remember not to abuse it in general, given the high caloric value.


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