Freelance work: what advantages does it offer?

Freelance work: what advantages does it offer?

Being self-employed or freelance means working on your own providing services to third parties for economic compensation. In this article we discover all the advantages of this way of working.

Freelance work: what advantages does it offer?

Last update: June 11, 2021

Before dwelling on the advantages of freelance work, or self-employed, we think it appropriate to explain the term. What does it mean to be self-employed?

This term is used to define a person who offers a service to third parties for economic compensation. In other words, the freelance worker usually has multiple clients, works towards goals, and manages their own schedules.

A study published in Forbes magazine indicates that more than 53 million people work freelance in the United States, and in Europe the figure reaches 9 million, with Germany, Spain and Spain leading freelance work. According to this study, therefore, a considerable percentage of the population carries out their work independently.

The question arises spontaneously: what are the advantages of freelance work? Why do so many people choose this way of working? We talk about it in this article.

"Being a freelancer means being self-employed, freelance, self-employed, and whose main activity is often to provide services to third parties."

Freelance work, or being your own boss

The freelancer is his own boss and makes the decisions he deems most appropriate for his professional career. Therefore, freely chooses who to work with and how to do their job, without being forced to submit to conditions that do not put him at ease.

Conversely, an employee has no choice but to work every day with the same colleagues and at the orders of the boss, whether they like it or not.

Manage your time

Are you among those who hate routine? One of the advantages of being a freelance worker is being able to manage your time, or work where, how and when you want, at the time that best suits your needs.

Therefore, the freelancer decides the work schedule and the place where he will carry it out (home, office, co-working space). Likewise, choose your free days and the holiday period without having to ask for the authorization of the company.

If you want to switch off at the weekend, go on a vacation or attend an important event, all you have to do is get organized.

Your income depends on yourself

The income does not depend on the hours worked or the profits of a company, but exclusively on the worker, on how much he wants to earn and on how he works.

On the contrary, the employee, or employee, is obliged to follow certain times, generally inflexible, with a specific remuneration based on the job position.

In short, the freelancer sets the rate at which he is willing to work. He therefore receives the full amount of the work he does.

Freelance work and professional growth

Professional growth is part of the benefits of freelance work, as being your own boss you decide how, when, where and with whom to work. Yes, I can refuse the conditions I don't like and choose the tools to work with.

Conclusions on freelance work

It is worth emphasizing that in the same way that one is the architect of one's own successes, one is also the architect of one's own failures. So through the mistakes you will learn to see the best option for your between business. This often makes it the self-employed worker more responsible than the employee.

To conclude, if we thoroughly analyze the listed benefits, freelance work seems a natural and necessary way out in an age where work-life balance has become so difficult to achieve.

However, in this article we have only listed the advantages of this way of working which, however, also has some disadvantages; for example, a freelance worker has fewer protections and in many cases his income depends on the services offered to a few clients.

Choose the job you love and you will never work, not even for a day in your entire life.


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