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Free your mind

Last update: January 11, 2015

The brain is a very powerful machine, you can't even imagine the strength it can have. Use it in your favor, freeing the mind of everything that harms it.

Animals don't have the power to think or worry, they don't remember the past and they don't think about tomorrow. They live the present in its entirety, make the most of every minute, living it to the fullest. We humans, on the other hand, have the power to reason, to remember the past and to worry about the future. In theory, we are truly privileged, but the mind can also play a trick on us and steal our happiness if we don't free it from all that is unnecessary.

Secrets to free your mind

1. Don't let your thoughts get lost in the past

How many times do we go back to thinking about the past, we remember a mistake we made, we think that if we had made different decisions today things would be better for us? Thinking about the past can imprison us, the past is left behind and no matter how much we think about it now we cannot change it. Try to look at the past with positivity, everyone did what they could at that time and, even if we made mistakes, we learned from them. We tend to think that things would have been better if we had made a different decision, but that is not the case: they could also have been much worse. And saw that we cannot know what would have happened, the best thing to do is to look forward. Free your mind from the past.

2. Avoid worrying about the future

It's okay to think about the future to make some decisions, but not even the future can be predicted. Life goes around a lot, and we can't know how it will go. The best thing to do is to live in the present, because it is the only moment that can truly be lived. Seize the moment, because no minute can be recovered, and thoughts and worries only serve to paralyze us. So begin to value and appreciate everything around you. Remember that while you are thinking about the past or the future you are missing moments of the present, you are giving up living the "now" to focus on another time. The only life that can be lived is the one you have here and now. Take advantage of every moment of your life, open your eyes and observe what surrounds you, enjoy the little things.

3. Get rid of labels, traditions, beliefs and rules

Free your mind and do not trap it in everything they have inculcated in you throughout your life. For example, according to our tradition to be "normal" and worth something in life you have to get married, have a family, graduate, etc. If you do not follow these social norms, you are classified as "rebels", the black sheep of the family. Many, without realizing it, follow the rules that are imposed by society. However, one must learn to listen to oneself, without intermediaries. Do what you want with your life, you don't have to follow any model: the answers are within you.

As long as you don't harm anyone, your life is yours alone, and you alone own it. Make the decisions that make you happiest, don't fall into the trap of following an imposed model. Even advertising and the consumer society try to make us believe that we necessarily need to own certain products, make us feel that we cannot live without the latest model of cell phone, computer, car, etc.

They make us believe that if we don't have these things, we are outside of modern society. But a person who manages to clear his mind does not need to maintain a certain image in the eyes of others. He doesn't care about owning the latest technological innovation, or even branded clothes ... he just does what he really wants, without following the flock.

Life is what happens while you are waiting for something better to happen. Live it now and don't let your mind distract you.

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