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Between Christmas andEpiphany lunches and dinners in the company of relatives or friends are countless. And the risk of overdoing fat, sweets and calories is always lurking. But to give you a hand in keeping the energy balance of the day under control, without giving up the pleasant party atmosphere, there are the doctor Carla Lertola, careful supervisor of our Free Diet, and the biologist-chef Maria Paola Dall'Erta.
She is the one who made the recipes appetizing that you see below, ideal if you want to organize an evening toast or brunch at your home.

REMEDY THE MISTAKES ... BY EATING - «In developing the menu we thought about the problems you might encounter when you overdo it at the table», explains our dietician. "Poor digestion, imbalance of intestinal bacterial flora, increase in the level of fats and triglycerides in the blood, abuse of salt, resulting in water retention... ".
Then Dr. Dall'Erta gave her best by choosing the right ingredients to offer you light, delicious dishes and all well-being.

LIGHTNESS AND TASTE AT YOUR WILL - «I focused on some foods with healthy properties (such as rye, salmon, pomegranate) proposing them in unusual combinations, with the addition of spices and aromatic herbs», explains the biologist-chef. Result? A mouth-watering menu. That rebalances the body in view of the expected dinner.

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