Forgiving does not mean ignoring anything

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Forgiving does not mean ignoring anything

Last update: October 15, 2015

"If we really want to love, 

we must learn to forgive "

(Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

Since childhood I have been lucky enough to grow "by listening inwardly" those who surrounded me and loved, thus beginning to understand one of the main values ​​that characterize us as human beings: forgiveness.

In this stage of our life, childhood, we receive and capture anything, sensations and learning that allow us to develop our emotions. 

Our environment affects us, for better or for worse. In my case, I was lucky and I'd like to tell you why.

Every day of my life, from early maturity, my family and those around me were constant at the time of inculcating what nowadays makes up a good portion of my current emotional skeleton: learn to forgive those who have hurt us.

He soon understood the importance of this value. Succeeding allows us to be at peace and in inner fullness with ourselves and, consequently, with the world.

And believe me, this pillar of life is totally true. In many of our philosophies and religions it is said that the act of forgiveness makes us great souls, endows us with a great heart and immense inner value. They also claim that his eternal companion in adventure, forgetting is the gift of the brave and those who value their happiness on the basis of pure love.  

Forgive and forget: two vital ingredients that each of us should try to develop every day of our life; do you know why?

Little by little I learned that making people suffer and create discomfort does not make a person better, consequently we will no longer be weak to the point of not being able to forgive. He understood that if we forgive and then forget, things stop hurting us, being able to forget or eliminate from our life those who do not really love us and are only looking for our malaise.

Invite your heart to open when someone apologizes to you and forgive him, even if it may be complicated, no matter how painful the experience or the damage caused. When you forgive, you will feel enlightened and balanced with your own essence, with your soul. It is one of the best rewards in life: the first step into eternity.

Forgiveness also invites us many times to ask ourselves the question "what happens if someone hurts me and doesn't apologize? "

I invite you to stop and reflect with your heart. You will realize that your own soul will lead you to forgive anyway. Just remember how important it is in this case to "know how to forget". After all, it is not worth suffering for those who have not been able or have been able to demonstrate that they valued you.

If this situation arises, remember that you are much stronger, because you are capable of demonstrating that you value and respect your own person. Trust, this is what really matters: respect and love for oneself above all. Without this we do not know how to give love and, consequently, to live fully.

For this, forgive and remember to forget. Both they will become the solution to continue their personal development and your evolution as human beings.

Living with these values ​​will allow you to get rid of the loaded backpack you carry on your shoulders, that does not let you look at the sky, the destiny that we all yearn for and want. 

I would like to remind you that living with rancor does not generate any good, even less to the person who made you suffer. We can only change the situation having the courage to forgive and making a commitment to forget what happened.

Learn to accept apologies if they are offered to you from the heart. If this doesn't happen, forget and continue on your way remembering that forgiving does not mean ignoring anything.

“Forgiveness is the quality of the brave. 

Only those who are strong enough

to forgive an offense,

in love"

(Mahatma Gandhi)

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