For the nights that have become mornings, friends that have become family

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For the nights that have become mornings, friends that have become family

Last update: June 15, 2016

We cannot choose the music that life will play for us, nor set the song we love as the soundtrack for our days. However, we direct the dances, we choose who will be our companion and friend, preparing our heart for what will be our personal choreography.

It is true that sometimes you have to dance alone - it is always good to improve your steps and discover yourself on the dance floor. Often, however, the choreographies are made to involve more people who are able to perceive the same rhythm that we feel.

In these cases, the choice of the corps de ballet that will accompany us is one of the most important decisions: together you will face fatigue, overcome turbulence, grow in resistance and, more importantly, you will learn to never stop dancing, for any reason. The family, even the one we choose, is part of this group: friends thanks to whom even the days, like the nights, are filled with stars.

Hearts that encourage us not to stop dancing

Will and courage are the powerful weapons that help a dancer overcome every obstacle: when you hear that he will never make it, that he is not suited to certain dance styles, that his body no longer expresses itself as a time…

Friends are the source of courage, will and strength that often fail when we are faced with difficulties. They are the ones who tell us that we can do it, who reach out to us when we feel paralyzed, who speak for us if necessary.

 "Maybe it's nice to have great intelligence, but the most important gift is to discover a great heart."

- taken from the film A Beautiful Mind -

Friends are the ones who push us to continue dancing when the first symptoms of fatigue appear and our mind is tempted to stop. They are the wonderful people who make a hug the most beautiful gesture in the world: a gift that transforms our falls into graceful steps.

Their laughter is water in the desert

When I think of my friends, I can only recall a poem by Luis Alberto de Cuenca, from which I borrowed the title of this paragraph. Perhaps because we tend to associate the desert with a place where life is impossible, yet friends, with their laughter, are able to make us leave the worst places.

 "Sometimes it's the treasure that discovers you"

-Benjamin Prado-

Thanks to them, even the coldest nights are filled with value and meaning, because they light your way by showing you how to arrive with courage for tomorrow. The hardest nights become docile thanks to them, or so they make us believe. The mornings, when they finally arrive, smell of spring thanks to them, and winter appears far away.

Sometimes the dance is slow, dark, hard and even sad, but your dance troupe will not abandon you: it will perform your choreography until the end, side by side, will help you in the most complicated acrobatics and will wait with you until the end of the dance. music.

Friends: the rock and roll of life

Always taking a cue from the metaphor of dance, a dancer must always have a perfect ear able to tune in to the rhythm, a lot of time available for its continuous growth and an exquisite sense of coordination to keep the ballet body united and in tune. .

For this reason, friends are the best dancers we could wish for in our dance school: no one knows how to listen better than them, even when it comes to our silence; no one better than them knows how to guide our rhythm and be an example for us; no one better than them manages to coordinate with us, in good times or bad.

Friends are the rock and roll of life, the rebellious spirit, but at the same time sophisticated and never the same that still our feet on the dance floor, allowing us to move them just to dance. Friends are ultimately the ones we have to thank for turning nights into mornings - our reason for dancing.

 "If you have nothing to dance for, find a reason to do it."

-Melody Carstairs–

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