Foods with a high glycemic index: what are they?

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Sometimes eating a plate of white rice seems like the healthiest choice. However, this is not always the case. White rice, for example, is one of the foods with a very high glycemic index. Getting to know theindex glicemico of foods is very important both for the line and for maintaining an excellent quality health state. Carbohydrates and sugars are not all the same: some are, in fact, responsible for dangerous blood sugar spikes.


The glycemic index (GI) is the carbohydrate capacity present in a food to raise the values ​​of glycemia (i.e. the glucose present in the blood). And not all carbohydrates are the same: for example, the sugar simple cause harmful and significant blood sugar spikes.

Some carbohydrates are absorbed by our body more slowly and, therefore, release glucose for a long time. Instead, other carbohydrates are absorbed very quickly causing, in fact, relevant increases in blood glucose values.


The glycemic index is measured by referring to the maximum values, i.e. a 100 (glycemic value of glucose and white bread) and a quantity of food equal to 50 gr. For example: if a food has a glycemic index equal to 80, this means that that food raises the blood sugar by 80% compared to what would rise by ingesting 50 grams of glucose. There are real tables of foods classified according to their glycemic index, from the highest to the lowest. 


Checking the glycemic index of foods is essential not only for those who must pay attention to the blood sugar values ​​according to the doctor's instructions (diabetics, pregnant women) but for everyone. Including children.

In fact, a high glycemic index causes glycemic spikes that adversely affect health: predispose to overweight (especially the accumulation of fat in the upper part of the body, the most dangerous for the cardiovascular diseases and for hormone-dependent diseases) and lead to dangerous drops in energy.

Browse the gallery to find out which foods have the highest glycemic index e how to decrease it.


I dried dates they are one of the foods with the highest glycemic index (120), they are also very caloric. But dates are also a valuable source of important minerals and vitamins.

How then? First of all, it is good moderate the quantity of dates consumed and reserve them for breakfast. Then, it is crucial to try to lower the glycemic index combining them with a protein source and other fats. For instance: dates together with whole yogurt.

If you are preparing a cake, you can use dates instead of butter but without adding more sugar and adding to the dough, instead, integrated flour and oil seeds.

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