Foods that deflate legs and ankles

    A feeling of swelling and heaviness in the legs. And then pain, tingling and cramps in the calves and ankles. They are the alarm bells that signal the venous circulation disorders.

    Here what foods to bring to the table to counteract swollen legs and ankles.

    Foods that deflate legs and ankles

    For capillaries: anthocyanins

    These pigments, which color plants with purple and dark blue, are gods powerful antioxidants. On the legs they act by strengthening the legs in a natural way walls of capillaries which, in this way, run less risk of becoming inflamed, dilated or broken.

    Anthocyanins, of which they are very rich blueberries, black grapes and currants, have astringent properties also useful against couperose, hemorrhoids, varices and a tendency to have red eyes. They also counteract theattack of bacteria in the intestine and bladder, fighting diarrhea and cystitis.

    Foods that deflate legs and ankles

    For circulation: vitamin C

    pepperoni, kiwi and rucola they are a precious source of vitamin C which, with its anti-inflammatory action, hinders the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. According to recent studies, this substance is capable of even promote vasodilation, to the benefit of blood circulation.

    And don't be afraid of overdosing. There vitamin C does not accumulate in the body.

    Foods that deflate legs and ankles

    For swellings: fibers

    Consume every day high fiber foods helps fight constipation, a problem that worsens venous circulation causing swelling of the feet and ankles.

    Excellent sources of these nutrients are i figs which, in addition to having a laxative action, reduce inflammation. And then thebarley, which contrasts not only constipation, but also gastritis and colitis. And i fresh peas, which wake up the intestine and in addition provide folic acid, useful for neurons.

    Foods that deflate legs and ankles

    For cellulite: potassium

    Together with magnesium and calcium, this mineral has the power of regulate blood pressure, counteracting the slowing of circulation and thus avoiding edema and stagnation of liquids which can pave the way for cellulite.

    They are particularly rich in potassium tomato, melon and fennel. The latter, then, is also very low in sodium, a mix that makes it a powerful natural diuretic with purifying and deflating effects.

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