Foods rich in silicon

Il Silicon it has always existed - indeed, after oxygen it is the second most present mineral on Earth - we have recently discovered hers fundamental functions within the human body.

Scientific evidence confirms the presence of silicon in the composition of collagen or the protein that forms the structure of bones, cartilage, connective tissue.

Silicon is therefore essential for the skin, and for bones, where it acts independently of vitamin D (as does the Soccer). From other studies it also appears that Silicon has a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases.

Before we pounce on supplements, let's see how to increase the intake of silicon with food.


Foods richest in silicon

The primary source of silicon for our body is food: it should take 20 to 50 mg per day. But the problem is yours bioavailability that is, how much silicon our intestine can actually absorb and how much is eliminated in the urine.

For this it is useful to provide one very abundant diet in foods rich in silicon.

As for its presence in food, silicon is mainly present in the peel of fruits, whole grains, wholemeal bread, garlic, onion, shallot, cauliflower, strawberry, fresh peas, apples.

We prefer the varieties of whole grains and fruit from organic farming, to be able to taste it with the peel without risking to take on traces of chemical contaminants.

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In summary, the foods that contain the most silicon are:

> Rye: 600 mg per 100 g;
> Millet: 500 mg per 100 g;
> Potatoes: 200 mg per 100 g;
> Barley: 230 mg per 100 g;
> Wheat: 160 mg per 100 g;
> Onion and garlic: 100 - 180 mg per 100 g;
> Topinambur: 36 mg per 100 g

Furthermore, Silicon is contained - in lower quantities - also indrinking water in about 6,8 mg / liter (there are special waters containing up to 60 mg / liter), in the vegetable fibres, in brown rice, In the seafood, in Chili pepper, in soy, In asparagus, in the green leafy vegetables and in beets and even in the beer (since it is obtained from barley, a food rich in silicon).


Besides food, herbs are richer in silicon

There are also several herbs containing silicon in large quantities, which can be used as natural supplements. Here are the main ones:

> Bamboo (from the pith of the stems): silicon is 50-70% of its dry weight;
> Horsetail: silicon is 30-70% of its dry weight;
> Nettle: silicon is 1% of its dry weight. Nettle, in particular, can be used in addition to our dishes, salads or cooked vegetables.

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