Foods for weight loss: what they are and when to take them

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There are some foods that can help us lose weight? To lose weight, perhaps many of us would also be willing to make a drastic culinary sacrifice. But a slimming diet it is not necessarily "sad" and unappetizing. Let's see together what they are foods useful for weight loss and how to use them in a dietary regimen that will help us lose weight with a smile.

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Chilli pepper among the foods for weight loss

Foods for weight loss: what they are and when to take them



Beauty and health

The search for a “perfect” body and weight are at the origin of two different needs: beauty on the one hand and health on the other. The cult of beauty in fact it has very ancient origins (the rituals of the women of ancient Egypt or those of the Japanese culture are well known). In fact, we don't always try to lose weight for pleasure or to please ourselves.

There are some pathologies, for example those affecting the skeleton that require one weight loss to get better or diseases such as hypothyroidism that require weight monitoring and many more.

In reality, this combination should always go hand in hand. A excess fat is never a sign of health especially if placed in the abdominal quadrant (as well as being difficult to eliminate).


Lose weight the right way

To lose weight we need to fill the pantry and the refrigerator with foods that help the body burn faster the energy load gained from food but also have all those nutritional characteristics that are ideal for allowing effective and long-lasting weight loss over time.

A common mistake what you tend to do when you go on a diet to lose the extra pounds is the exclusion of certain foods in favor of salads only or on the contrary, increasing the protein quota in a way that is not proportionate to organic needs. To lose weight, therefore, we must follow these simple guidelines:

  • activate the metabolism
  • to distribute in a balanced way i nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and fiber) in daily meals to guarantee a lean but also healthy body.
  • choose low-glycemic and low-calorie foods
  • increase physical activity
  • detoxify the liver


You can learn more about when and how to cleanse the liver

Foods for weight loss: what they are and when to take them


Foods for weight loss

To activate the metabolism, therefore, we dust our foods with chilli, spices and herbs. We try to drink or possibly take capsules of good green tea.

In addition to this we must keep in mind that the body needs many substances to function well and also to lose weight. We do not wage war on fats but instead learn to choose the right and most functional fats to support the body and to achieve a lasting healthy weight.

These "fat friends" can be found in "fatty fish" and sushi. This type of fish is a good substitute for meat. A good habit to also include on the table of those who do not need to lose weight. Unlike its classification, "fatty" fish is rich in useful essential fatty acids (omega three) along with walnuts and dried fruit generally. The latter is energetic but if we limit ourselves to eating the right amount (maximum six per day) they are essential to lose weight well without running into some nutritional deficiency.

Japanese cuisine (the real one) is a type of cooking allowed when you are on a diet. The lack of seasoning and the combination of proteins with cereals are a winning combination. We thus get satiety and control of the glycemic index by proteins on cereals (carbohydrates).

The high content of minerals and vitamins contained in algae complete the action of the slimming effect in beauty. In this way, nutritional deficiencies that damage the hair, nails and muscles are avoided. The lean white meats are also indicated. They are low in calories and fat-free, light and digestible. advise chicken, turkey and bresaola to be served with thinly sliced ​​celery seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, lemon and mustard.

Celery is low-calorie, rich in fiber, has a satiating effect and helps intestinal motility.


Celery among the foods for weight loss: discover all its properties

Foods for weight loss: what they are and when to take them


La soy must not be missing from the list of foods for weight loss. It belongs to the category of vegetable proteins and for this reason it brings with it great advantages. It's a complete protein source (it contains amino acids in quantities very close to those contained in meat). This quality claims it to be the most requested alternative to replace meat and fish proteins and contains fiber. These two elements counteract hunger and fill the stomach with a reasonable amount of calories. We can therefore say that soy is a food absolutely suitable for weight loss, so it is a dietary food even for its modest fat content.

Lo yogurt whether it is made from soy or ordinary milk, it is a food that must never be missing in a diet but must be consumed "natural". Only in this way do we find in it few calories, few fats and sugars. With the addition of fresh fruit or a spoonful of cereals (without added sugar), yogurt becomes more complete and satisfying without affecting the daily calorie balance.

Il summer period is the most suitable for starting a diet. Thanks to the heat that takes away the appetite and the incentive of the unforgiving swimsuit test, we find comfort in the thirst-quenching watermelon. This type of watermelon is very low-calorie (it contains a lot of water for the benefit of natural and effective drainage).

The lemon it is essential to start a correct slimming diet. If we drink its juice on an empty stomach, we guarantee year-round good health and a clean and healthy liver. Detoxifying the liver is not only beneficial for weight loss but also accelerates the results.


On a diet for a day

Before breakfast: the juice of one lemon diluted in a glass of warm water.

Breakfast: A cup of green tea, a natural yogurt and a fresh fruit. Or: a grapefruit juice, a toasted slice of wholemeal bread with a teaspoon of sugar-free jam, preferably homemade, a coffee.

Lunch: bresaola (or another protein among those indicated in the article) accompanied by a side dish of vegetable crudité without bread. Or: Grilled tofu with grilled vegetables.

Snack: a few walnut kernels or a natural yogurt and a fruit.

Price: Cream of vegetables and cooked fruit. Or: baked salmon with boiled spinach.

After dinner: artichoke herbal tea alternating with a draining herbal tea.


The properties of yogurt, useful food for weight loss


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