Food supplements for weight loss: how to choose them and when to take them

Diet and physical activity

Diet and physical activity: these are the two tools we have at our disposal to lose weight. Losing weight is in fact a question of energy balance: if the energies we introduce with food and drinks are less than those we burn with daily activities, we will end up losing weight.

With the diet we can therefore act on the energies introduced daily, reducing them.

With physical activity we can instead increase the energies we burn, enhancing the effects of a low-calorie diet.

The action of food supplements for weight loss is also part of this framework. It is often believed that their action is based on the increase of the so-called basal metabolism, but the reality is not exactly this.

Food supplements and metabolism

With the term "metabolism"All the reactions that occur in the body, for example those that allow you to get energy from food, but also those necessary to make your muscles work.

So that all these reactions can take place energy is needed. In particular, when it comes to "basal metabolism”We refer to the energies necessary to support the organism in conditions of absolute rest and without any stress acting on it. 

In other words, we could define the basal metabolism as the energy needed to keep us alive doing absolutely nothing. This energy is not the same for everyone, but depends on individual factors: weight, height, age and gender.

Furthermore body composition also affects metabolism. In fact, while the accumulations of fat consume little energy, the muscles are metabolically much more active.

For this the best choice we can make to increase our basal metabolic rate is to increase our muscle mass with some healthy physical activity.

In particular, it is anaerobic exercise (such as weight lifting) to allow us to increase muscle mass and, therefore, the basal metabolic rate.

On the other hand, it is also useful to practice physical activity aerobic type (such as running and all activities that increase the rate of heartbeat and breathing without creating breathlessness).

In fact this type of activity allows to obtain energy burning fat, including those accumulated in the form of fat.

Finally, a third factor also intervenes in determining consumption energy of the organism: thermogenesis, ie the production of heat.

For their part, several natural slimming supplements they promise to help increase non-basal metabolism, promoting greater energy consumption.

The effective and safe natural supplements

Those who decide to take these products must take into account two aspects:

  1. Their effective effectiveness;
  2. their safety.

As for the first, it should be remembered that supplements can be marketed without the same evidence of efficacy required for drugs.

From this point of view, it could be not only the active ingredient that makes the difference also its excipients, that is, the other substances necessary to produce the capsules, pills and the various other forms in which a supplement can be marketed.

In fact the bioavailability of an active principle can be improved by excipients which, although not biologically active in themselves, can control the release, solubilization, transport, metabolism and absorption of the substances they are associated with.

As for safety instead, it is important to be aware that "natural" is not synonymous with "sureIndeed, there is no lack of cases of supplements withdrawn from the market precisely because their results are unsafe after their release on the market.

Even today there are many products on sale whose safety is being evaluated. To reduce the risk of taking potentially dangerous supplements industry authorities advise first of all to be wary of what are advertised as a quick solution to the problem of being overweight.

Not only that, in the United States there Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also recommends paying attention to products that are advertised through social networks, to those in a foreign language and to those who declare that they do not require a medical prescription because they are “completely natural”.

Finally, the FDA itself recommends that you beware of products that are claimed to be warranted from scientific research.

Which supplements to act on the metabolism?

For more specifically, supplements for weight loss, There are three main types: anti-hunger, fat-burning and thermogenic.

As their name suggests, anti-hunger supplements promise to keep appetite at bay.
Their goal is to prevent too much energy from being consumed with food, and thus stabilize the balance between energies assumed and energies burned acting on the first, just like a weight loss diet does.

Their action is based on controlling the blood sugar level (blood sugar) and on the stabilization of blood sugar peaks (the increase in blood sugar after food).

On the other hand, fat-burning supplements have the same goal of physical activity: increase the energy burned. By doing so, they promise to stimulate the disposal of fat deposits.

Finally, thermogenic supplements aim to raise the body temperature, promising to increase energy expenditure through the stimulation of thermogenesis and to help lose weight even by carrying out a very mild physical activity.

Among the substances that could be proposed there are included caffeine, the capsaicin, la carnitina, il tè verde e l'acido linoleico coniugato. I loro benefici non sono sempre a prova di scienza. Se siete interessati ad approfondire l'argomento potete visitare il sito

In any case, remember that too when it comes to taking weight loss supplements it is always good to ask your doctor for an opinion.

In this way you will be able to identify the most suitable ones for your case, avoid possible side effects and protect yourself from any contraindications, such as allergies or incompatibility with other drugs or supplements already taken.

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