Food for gastritis: which foods to eat and which to avoid

In case of gastritis, it is possible to intervene by curing the power supply and following some simple tips. Let's find out how.

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Food for gastritis: which foods to eat and which to avoid


Causes of gastritis

La gastritis it is an inflammatory disease affecting the gastric wall; it can be mild or severe; chronic or acute.

Symptoms vary, but the most common certainly include acidity and heartburn stomach, abdominal cramps, nausea. In some cases, vomiting also appears.

Lo lifestyle andsupply they greatly affect the onset of gastritis; for example, cigarette smoking or excessive alcohol consumption may be the basis of this pathology.

Gastritis can also be caused or aggravated by the use of certain medications, including over-the-counter medicines, such as acetylsalicylic acid and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


Food for gastritis

A diet rich in foods that are too fatty, too acidic or too spicy can promote the onset of gastritis.
The rules offood for gastritis, however, rather than inviting the consumption of certain foods, they indicate how to manage one's diet:

  • Eat five small meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two snacks, one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. The habit of small and frequent meals helps to buffer the acidity of the stomach which increases during periods of prolonged fasting. Furthermore, meals must not be too rich or too abundant, to favor gastric emptying; this rule is valid always, but especially in the evening.
  • Meals must also be eaten calmly. Haste is the enemy of gastritis. Chewing slowly promotes digestion.
  • Do not go to sleep and, in general, do not lie down immediately after eating.


Try also cabbage and mallow juice for gastritis

Food for gastritis: which foods to eat and which to avoid


Did you know that

The tolerability and digestibility of food is subjective, so a food that is absolutely harmless for one person can be annoying for another. This is why universally valid diets do not exist.

There are, however, foods that are objectively not very digestible and that should therefore be excluded (or almost) from thenutrition for gastritis sufferers; it is those foods that are too high in fat or too seasoned; for example, ready-made or over-elaborated sauces, pickles, pickled products, filled cakes and pies, cured meats, etc. Frozen foods and drinks, spices and acidic foods should also be avoided.

On the contrary, all generally digestible foods should be favored, for example light vegetables cooked in a simple way.



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