Food combinations to avoid

Food combinations to avoid

Digestion: the role of enzymes

Digestion takes place thanks to numerous enzymes which operate in different parts of our digestive system, in different environments with different temperatures and acidities.

Some of these enzymes require a strongly acidic environment, others work better at neutral pH.
If we ingest foods that require the use of various enzymes in the same meal, we will inevitably lengthen digestion times, also compromising the absorption of some nutrients.

- enzymes they are proteins responsible for the "digestion" of the larger molecules: they break them up, facilitating the subsequent absorption steps of the smaller molecules.

Combinations to avoid: a few simple steps

It is advisable to avoid the association of different types of proteins in the same meal (meat and dairy products, cheeses and eggs, fish and legumes).

> Meat, fish and eggs can be combined with small quantities of potatoes, used instead of bread (as a source of carbohydrates).

> Cereals and legumes are highly digestible when combined with vegetables.

It is advisable to avoid the association of different types of carbohydrates (simple and complex); the combination of pasta and bread is equally unadvisable, but, if necessary, it is good to be careful to halve the portions.

> The combination of fruit and vegetables, especially in an evening meal, should be avoided.

It is useful to learn how to combine foods correctly and it can be useful above all to understand the reasons but it is also good to remember the importance of not exaggerating your food choices, especially if you are not followed by a professional.

The correct food pairings

Winning food combinations allow to assimilate the properties of food to the maximum, keeping us healthier, increasing energy and vitality and the quality of sleep and improving digestive and intestinal processes by facilitating the management of body weight.

It is good to remember to do not consume proteins of different origin in the same meal: no to cheese at the end of a meal, for example, if you have eaten meat.

Pasta and animal proteins should not be combined: it is better to replace the slice of meat or fish with legumes. By combining cereals and legumes, a single dish rich in nutritional value is obtained.

Advice is to always accompany first courses such as protein dishes with plenty of fresh raw and cooked seasonal vegetables.

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