Food as a natural defense: "anti cancer" foods

Food as a natural defense:

Everything we introduce into our body literally becomes part of us. This is why it is essential to take care of your diet. On the prevention side, it may be useful to get to know some of them more closely anti cancer foods.


Cancer: when cells go crazy

Il cancer (tumor), by definition it is one wound caused by the uncontrolled proliferation of a group of cells of the body. They define themselves benign tumors located in a single tissue or organ, while malicious they are the ones that invade the surrounding tissues and through blood and lymph generate metastasis (tumor spreads) to other organs.

- mutagenic agents they are all substances capable of causing irreparable damage to cells.


An anti-cancer strategy

It is not uncommon that in each of us there are occasionally cells that "go crazy": a healthy organism is capable of repair to this situation and eradicate cancer in the bud. Excessive exposure to mutagenic agents (especially smoke and air pollution) and harmful substances present in food and in the environment, make i defense and repair mechanisms and increase the likelihood that the tumor will not be eradicated in the bud but will develop.

What to do then? We do not give in to pessimism but we try to put in place real "anti cancer strategy". Since it is not possible for us to live in an environment not contaminated by pollution, we can act on the choice of food and lifestyle.

First of all, let's say no to the excess of prepared, packaged, long-life foods and saturated fats present in meat and salami (containing toxic substances such as nitrates as preservatives). Avoid cooking the grilled and fried meat: this type of cooking releases carcinogenic substances. Also avoid the smoke e alcohol abuse.


Bitter almonds, just poisonous or even anti-cancer?


Anti-cancer foods, our allies

The researches ofIInstitute of Tumors of Milan reveal that improving nutrition could prevent more than a third of cancers.

The primary goal of an anti cancer diet is to reduce the levels of insulin in the blood. Insulin is produced by the pancreas at each meal in order to store glucose in the cells. High insulin levels are associated with an increased risk of cancer and occur when eating foods rich in carbohydrates, mostly farinaceous refined (not wholemeal).

The first anti cancer foods they are therefore the ones that do not raise blood sugar: seasonal vegetables and unrefined whole grains, all from organic farming and free of pesticides, fertilizers, chemical fertilizers.

Some vegetables (especially tomatoes) contain i lycopeni, molecules capable of blocking the genes that "make the cells go crazy".

The brassicacee, cabbage, onions and garlic are real "weapons" against cancer and bacteria.

I oily fish (sardines, mackerel, the blue pessce), for their content in omega 3 acids, considered true heart-saving molecules given their anti-cholesterol power.

Some legumes, especially the soy and Fava beans. The phospholipids contained in these legumes protect the cells of the body by letting in only the beneficial molecules and excluding those that are dangerous and potentially carcinogenic. The plant estrogens contained in soy have beneficial effects in the treatment of breast cancer.

Among drinks, green tea, rich in antioxidants, is an excellent anti-cancer ally.

In summary, here are ours anti cancer advice:

  1. A correct weight, not excessive;

  2. A varied diet rich in fresh, non-preserved food from organic farming;

  3. Eat plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables;

  4. Eat legumes, whole grains and little meat;

  5. Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking;

  6. Limit the consumption of salt;

  7. Do not overdo the use of unnecessary drugs;

  8. Moderate daily physical activity (30 minutes of walking are enough)


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