Food and health: the winning combinations

When we match the foods among them most of the time we think of the palate, of the need for the flavors to marry well. In fact, the main criterion to follow should be another: consider whether the combination of nutrients (especially vitamins and minerals) that is created is functional or not.

"Some alimony associated with others they can in fact become healthier or, on the contrary, lose their benefits », explains Dr. Sara Farnetti, specialist in internal medicine in Rome.

The dating game

«Certain components of foods joined together stimulate the work of liver and kidneys, promoting digestion and waste disposal. While seemingly beneficial mixes can in
actually do raise the bar too much fat or di glucose in the blood.

Look for the winning pairs is important: if the synergy is positive, in fact, it becomes a powerful natural remedy, able to act even faster than drugs», Adds our expert, who guides us in this tasty game of couples ... food.

Dark chocolate


With milk - Casein prevents the absorption of flavonoids, precious antioxidants present in cocoa. This is also why nutritionists consider less "healthy" milk chocolate.

With non-oily dried fruit - Plums, dates, dried figs are rich in sugar. Combining them with chocolate causes excessive rise in blood sugar


With coffee  -Caffeine and theobromine, stimulants found in both foods, give one immediate sprint. Furthermore, this association improves the absorption of the antioxidants of coffee and chocolate.

With spices - Chilli contains capsaicin, which gives a boost to the metabolism, so the calories introduced with chocolate "weigh" less. Another combination ok is with the cinnamon, because it helps reduce blood sugar levels.



With eggs - Both foods are very rich in sulfur. And if this mineral is taken in excessive doses, it can strain digestion and aggravate the work of the liver.

With legumes - Due to the presence of some oligosaccharides, non-digestible sugars, legumes create abdominal swelling. Cabbages also tend to ferment in the intestine and for this reason the combination is not recommended.


With fish - The synergy between the sulforaphane present in the various types of cabbage and the selenium contained in fish puts in place a powerful antioxidant action, useful for preventing some forms of cancer.

With cheese  Cabbage is one of the major plant sources of football: the raw green one, for example, contains 72 mg per hectogram. Consumed together with cheeses and dairy products, it therefore allows you to stock up on the most precious mineral for bones.

Forest fruits


In fruit salad  - Among the many virtues of blackberries, raspberries, currants & Co. there is that of being low in sugar. Mixing them with other sweeter fruits is not the right choice, because the loaded with fructose it increases too much and cancels the advantage.

With ice cream  -The combination with cream is not ideal, because the milk proteins they reduce the absorption of antioxidants


With nuts  -A bowl of berries with chopped almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts is a winning association. There Vitamin C In fact, contained in them improves the absorption of calcium, manganese, selenium and copper present in oily fruits.

With aromatic herbs and spices  - Delicious pairing e super-healthy: berries go very well with a sprinkling of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg or a grated ginger. And with the addition of a few mint leaves, a perfect antioxidant mix is ​​created.

Whole grains


With spinacsi - Both contain phytates (non-digestible salts), that hinder the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc and other

With fruit - It is not an ideal match for two reasons: excess fiber can cause it intestinal fermentations. In addition, too many sugars are added.


With bitter vegetables - Artichokes, radicchio, chicory and all vegetables with a bitter taste are the ideal accompaniment for whole grains, because they reduce the glycemic load and make them more digestible.

With legumes  - Whole grains contain minimal doses of some fundamental amino acids which are instead present in quantity in legumes. This forms a protein chain similar to that of meat.



With cheese  -The synergy does not work because the calcium oxalates present in spinach form aggregates together with the calcium of cheeses and dairy products not absorbable from the intestine.

With eggs  -The phytates and calcium oxalates contained in spinach reduce the absorption of calcium, iron and iodine present in eggs.


With lemon  -If you consume them raw, season them with one oil and lemon vinaigrette (or lime, orange or grapefruit). Vitamin C from citrus fruits
it makes the iron present in spinach more bioavailable.

With pumpkin  -Dark green leafy vegetables are rich in carotenoids, precursors of Vitamin A, which become more assimilable after cooking. The association with pumpkin allows you to fill up with this precious substance and avoids the accumulation of liquids that can be caused by spinach.

Dried Fruit


With the yogurt - It is considered to be one of the healthiest and most nutritious snacks. But it is not functional for the assimilation of the football, which is inhibited by the presence of the phytates of walnuts, almonds & Co.).

With sweets - Dried fruit added to a dessert provides too many calories. And, when cooked inside cakes and biscuits, it loses its good fat benefits because they oxidize.


With wine - Noci & Co. are rich in Vitamin E and their protective and antioxidant effect can be enhanced even more by resveratrol and others antioxidants present in red wine.

With fresh fruit - The polyunsaturated fats of nuts they slow down the absorption of sugars of the fresh one (apple, grape ...).

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