Food, all properties

A list of valuable foods that nature puts at your disposal. Find information on the natural properties of food and tips to move more consciously in the kitchen. 

> 1. The importance of food

> 2. Theories of food

> 3. Our food guides

Food, all properties


The importance of food

- alimony they are the first medicine. Food nourishes, heals, heals. Man has at his disposal a great variety of foods that provide him with the nutrients and energy necessary for the maintenance and renewal of tissues. Furthermore, foods act on the biological balance, which is so important for maintaining a good state of health.
The body uses nutrients for its own purposes after extracting them from food through the processes of digestion and absorption. Nutrient utilization is what we call it metabolism.
In the diet of each of us different nutrients must enter:

  • macronutrienti: sugars and fats, mainly provide energy e protein, essentially contributing to structural processes;
  • micronutrients: vitamins and electrolytes;
  • trace elements: substances that have the function of regulating the biochemical reactions of the organism.

Water, present in all drinks, and fiber are also foods.
Each nutrient has a specific role and, to be used, it needs to act in synergy with the other nutrients. There are no perfect foods; that is, there are no single foods with properties that contain all the nutrients that man needs. This is why it is necessary for a diet to be varied and to contain many types and combinations of foods with different properties.

Health passes from the table and the first defenses that the body builds are found in what we choose to put on the plate.


Food theories

Eating habits are a personal matter, which depends on many factors, and are the subject of many studies and many different sciences, from dietology to nutraceuticals. In particular, it seems interesting to us to mention the theory of M. E. Lowemberg, a scholar who has invested a lot of energy in seeking a complete explanation of the choices that are made regarding food. Lowemberg concluded that eating habits essentially depend on five factors:

  • Coverage of energy needs: food, therefore, serves to provide the energy reserves to live.
  • Social needs for security: that is, it is necessary to guarantee not only the daily food requirement, but also supplies for the future.
  • Membership: nutrition is strongly influenced by one's own group, that is, mainly by the food culture of the place where one resides.
  • Social status: social class also influences, for various reasons, the choice of food.
  • Self-realization: after having satisfied the four aspects listed above, the subject begins to seek personal satisfaction through the foods he consumes; therefore, it strives to discover new flavors and experiment with new dishes, often coming from far away, even if just out of curiosity.

Food, therefore, is a rather complex matter, which concerns the various aspects of human nature, from biological to socio-cultural, from communication to psychology.


Our food guides

In this section you can consult detailed sheets on the natural properties and nutritional principles of food that you consume every day and useful information on how to transform them into valid allies to maintain a good state of health. From the apple who, in addition to the infamous doctor, also takes off the extra pounds, ai peas allies against the cold, Via ceci e Fava beans which help control blood sugar, and many others.
By consulting each sheet you will find out a lot about the properties of food. You will also find many curiosities, which will help you to learn more about the foods you decide to bring to the table. You will read, for example, that the Quinoa, thanks to its multiple properties, it is consumed by astronauts during space missions, which you can make popcorn of amaranth, that the chromatic subdivision of the beer depends on the degree of roasting of the malt ...
Finally, for each food, you will find one prescription. They are all dishes designed with a view to proper nutrition and offer an opportunity to enrich your diet with all those foods less present on our tables. You will then find information on how to prepare meatballs of millet, how to cook the kamut in grains, how to make a high cholesterol-proof dessert with butter soy, and much more...


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