Flu and vitamin C

La Vitamin C it is a water-soluble vitamin essential for the functioning of our body. Unfortunately, man is not able to synthesize this very important vitamin on his own, so he must necessarily introduce it through thesupply.

Vitamin C plays important functions in our body, among these we just want to remember the very important role it plays in promotingintestinal absorption of iron through the reduction of ferric iron (Fe3 +) into ferrous iron (Fe2 +), which is easily assimilated.

But when it comes to vitamin C, one cannot fail to refer to its protective action towards the municipality cold. Although studies have shown that vitamin C does not have a relevant effect on the incidence of colds, numerous studies have nonetheless shown that it is capable of reducing the duration and severity of the flu.

In addition, people who get little vitamin C from food benefit from supplementing this during flu states. There are numerous studies that highlight how vitamin C promotes the functions of immune system.

First, vitamin C takes part in the synthesis of prostaglandins and cytokines. Furthermore, it has been shown that vitamin C, if present at high concentrations in the globules Bianchi, is used in the early stages of infections.

A reduced concentration in the plasma, on the other hand, reduces the immune response; furthermore, vitamin C deficiency reduces the ability of neutrophils to kill bacteria and cytotoxic activity. Another important aspect is the antioxidant action of vitamin C in plasma and cell membranes, protecting vitamin E and preventing tissue damage resulting from the action of oxidizing substances.

Vitamin C is found in fresh vegetables, moles Kiwi and in citrus fruits, but it is also contained in liver, kidney, milk, eggs, fish, cheeses, cereals and derivatives. The loss of vitamin C occurs when foods are exposed to the air for a long time or stored in copper containers that promote oxidation.

Also the cooking can lead to the loss of this vitamin. To remedy this, simply cook the food in a little water in a short time and in closed containers. The recommended daily dose of vitamin C is 60 mg in adults, which increases in smokers as cigarette smoking lowers blood levels of vitamin C.


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