Flax seeds: what contraindications can they have?

Flax seeds: what contraindications can they have?

By now we have all learned about the properties of flax seeds: are important bearers of Omega 3 e Omega 6, fundamental fatty acids, especially alpha-linoleic acid, able to maintain our cardiovascular well-being because they reduce the amounts of bad cholesterol in the blood and prevent arterial hardening.

They are useful for the physiological health of the eyes, as they counteract the forms of degeneration. Flax seeds are considered gods natural anticancer, it seems they can reduce the risk of developing some forms of breast, prostate and colon cancer, thanks to the component not only of Omega 3 but also of lignans, phytoestrogens with protective properties of the liver, skin, heart and immune system.

The same component of lignans also helps in passage of menopause, mitigating hot flashes and mood swings. Many of us assume anyway flax seeds or seed meal for its important fiber intake.

They are rich in mucilage and proteins and for this reason they can help promote intestinal peristalsis, refresh the colon and soften the stool.

For the same use, however, flax seeds they can have important contraindications and as always happens in nature "what is good for me is not necessarily good for you", so be careful, always get correct information from specialized professionals and avoid word of mouth from your friend. But let's see in what flax seeds can have contraindications.


Essential fatty acids and seeds


Flax seeds: what contraindications?

Let's find out what are the contraindications that can be had when using flax seeds and in which cases they can occur.

Flax seeds and degenerative diseases

Flax seeds once arrived in the intestine form one gelatinous mass thanks to the mucilage contained and in subjects suffering from degenerative diseases such as sclerosis they can participate in dangerous intestinal obstructions, for which absurdly, instead of assisting intestinal transit by the same principle, they block it.


Flaxseed in pregnancy

La phytoestrogen component some flax seeds it does not make them suitable for use during pregnancy: there are no established studies in this regard but it seems could influence the development of the reproductive system of the fetus.

Other philosophies of thought instead recommend its use as it helps prevent hemorrhoids and would favor the brain development of the fetus; if in doubt, however, I would avoid hiring it: there are other remedies to promote intestinal transit in such a delicate period.


Flax seeds for children

Flax seeds the following are not recommended for children: in a gastrointestinal system so delicate that it has yet to structure itself, it is good to use mild and much more delicate remedies than oilseeds in general.


Side effects of flax seeds

In the first period in which flax seeds are used fermentative forms, flatulence can occur which will gradually diminish, but which can create discomfort, a sense of heaviness, swelling, digestive difficulties.

Flax seeds behave in some ways like charcoalthat is, they absorb any pharmacological substances ingested concomitantly. It is therefore good to be careful to differentiate the times of intake, so as not to interfere with drug treatments.

They are not recommended for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and to those suffering from diverticulitis: in colon inflammation in fact it is good to ask your doctor for advice, since periods of constipation alternate with periods of dysentery and flax seeds could increase both dysfunctions.


How to use flax seeds

It is important to respect the recommended quantities and not to exceed the doses: 2 maximum 3 teaspoons of raw seeds, perhaps chopped or crushed in abundant doses of water or herbal teas.

They can also be added to a hot soup. If you want to prepare a laxative herbal tea you can boil 2 teaspoons of crushed seeds, to be filtered later before taking.


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