Flax seeds for lazy gut: here's how to use them

Flax seeds they contain good proportions of minerals, proteins and lipids; they are an important source of lignans and alpha-linoleic acid, a fatty acid of the omega 3 family, whose optimal ratio with omega 6 fatty acid has anti-inflammatory properties.

They are a natural supplement in vegan diets poorly balanced and in the transition phases between an omnivorous diet and a vegetarian and vegan one.

They are the ingredient of choice for the budwig cream of the Kousmine diet, and can flavor many recipes: from bread to pizza, from savory and sweet pies to salads. Their use is versatile and easy to apply.

We see how to use them in case of a lazy bowel.


Use of flax seeds for lazy intestines

Flax seeds, in light of their characteristics, are an effective natural remedy against constipation and to restore a adequate intestinal transit, fighting constipation.

The use is simple: flax seeds, during the digestive process, swell, absorbing water, and stimulating intestinal pristalsis (the natural movements that the intestine carries out to empty itself) and making the stool softer and therefore more easily evacuated. The fatty oil contained in flax seeds also has a natural laxative effect without irritating the intestinal walls.

The effect does not manifest itself immediately, it can take up to three days of intake, but with constant intake and a little patience it is also possible to find remedies for cases of chronic constipation.


Ground flax seeds

They assume 2 teaspoons of coarsely ground flaxseed, with a pestle or a coffee grinder; so the fibers break of which they are composed and which are very resistant and are often not digested. Also flaxseed fibers can, if whole assumptions, result of irritants in cases of ulcerative gastritis.

The two spoons are drunk together with half a liter of cold water. A sugar-free fresh fruit puree can be added; optimal would be plum puree. They are used in the morning and in the evening.


Flax seeds: contraindications


Flaxseed herbal tea

If you suffer from colitis, gastritis, or have a stomach and intestines that are particularly sensitive to fiber, flax seeds should not be eaten whole. However, one can assume thesupernant water, rich in mucilage which, in addition to accelerate intestinal transit, has a protective effect on the inflamed mucosa of the intestine.

It is left to rest for overnight a tablespoon of flax seeds in a glass of water. In the morning a kind of jelly will have formed on the water's edge.

You drink only water without adding anything else, avoiding ingesting the seeds. It is assumed once a day, usually in the morning.


Lazy intestine: what is meant

Il intestinal transit it is closely related to digestion times, and there are many factors that determine these times.

Digestion times depend on:

  • the type of food inserted: in a healthy person, times vary for carbohydrates from twenty minutes for unsweetened and lean drinks and unseasoned fruit and vegetables to two hours for lightly seasoned simple carbohydrates; from 3 hours for proteins to 5 hours for fats;

  • the amount of food ingested: greater quantities greater digestion time;

  • the quality of chewing: chewing means starting digestion already in the mouth, significantly decreasing the transit in the digestive system;

  • From food combinations: introducing foods with different digestive times into the same meal slows down the transit of foods with shorter digestion times, causing fermentation phenomena inside the stomach.

Phase completed digestive the processed food remains, in a person with a balanced intestinal transit, in the large intestine, which is the last tract of the digestive system before evacuation, about 50 hours. Times over 70 hours can define a lazy gut.


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