Flax flour, properties and use

Flax flour, obtained from the grinding of flax seeds, it is rich in proteins and calcium. Useful in case of rheumatism, it is used to make cakes and biscuits. Let's find out better. 

> 1. How flax flour is made

> 2. Properties and use of flax flour

> 3. Linseed flour products

> 4. A recipe up your sleeve


How flax flour is made

Flax flour it is obtained by grinding the seeds of the flax plant, scientific name Linum usitatissimum, an annual herb of the Linacee family. Linen has been grown all over the world, in Europe and Egypt for at least 5000 years, and there are several varieties with colors ranging from white to yellow, pink, crimson and purple, violet or blue.

In the stem of the plant there are long filaments from which the textile fibers are obtained. Flax flour has the consistency of a coarse powder, usually brown-yellow in color, greasy to the touch.


Properties and use of flax flour

Flax flour contains a significant amount of protein and calcium, few carbohydrates and iron, valuable minerals, in particular phosphorus, copper, magnesium and manganese. From a nutritional point of view, flax flour is a laxative, emollient for the intestine, rich in oil and omega 3 (fatty acids beneficial for the heart and cell walls), vitamins B1, B2, F, enzymes, phytohormones, pectins and lignans.

The seeds immersed in water become mucilaginous because the external walls are mainly formed of pectic substances, which in contact with water swell a lot and become precious allies of the intestine.

Studies have shown that the use of flaxseed meal can contribute to the fight against prostate and breast cancer, lower blood cholesterol levels, improve digestive health and help improve overall body health.

The seeds can also be used for diseases of the respiratory system, for phlegm, hoarseness, cough and tracheitis. Compresses, poultices and bandages are useful in case of rheumatism, sprains, bruises and furunculosis.


The contraindications of flax seeds


Linseed flour products

Many things can be done with flax flour, from bread to healing poultices. It is used both for sweets (biscuits, cakes, sweets) and for salty foods (bread, bread sticks, biscuits). Flax seeds are excellent consumed in soups and salads. The ideal would be to take advantage of their emollient properties by leaving them to soak or mincing them.

They can be ground in a coffee grinder or in a special spice grinder. Otherwise you can buy it ready-made and pay attention to conservation: the container must be dark and should be stored in the refrigerator if possible, as, given the quantity of oil contained, it quickly rancid.

Flaxseed oil is another product made from this plant. Oil is best added to foods after they are cooked, it is not recommended for use at while cooking.


A recipe up your sleeve

Compress for rheumatism
Take a cotton cloth bag and fill it with 50 grams of flaxseed flour. Put it in the steamer, or in a metal colander placed on a pot of boiling water, for about 15 minutes. Let it cool slightly and apply the bag wrapped in a soft fabric to the area affected by rheumatism. Let it sit for about twenty minutes, covering the area with a warm blanket.


Try 2 recipes with flaxseed flour


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