Flaunt the relationship online

Flaunt the relationship online

You may have met couples who are constantly bragging about their relationship on social networks. Do you know the reasons behind this behavior?

Last update: July 26, 2022

It is common for a couple to share photos, romantic comments, and affectionate phrases on social networks, especially at the beginning of the relationship. While this behavior tends to show one's satisfaction, there are others reasons why you may have a habit of flaunting the relationship online. In the following lines we present the factors that lead us to overexpose our life as a couple in the virtual world.

Flaunt the relationship to protect it?

Recent research suggests that, considering the potential for interaction with new people offered by social networks, a possible reason for this behavior is the desire to protect the relationship from external threats.

On one side, would act as a warning to potential suitors, because when we have the profile photo with the partner, we send the message that we are not romantically available. The same message applies to the partner because, deliberately or not, we report that this person is also unavailable.

Research shows that showing off your relationship on social media prevents unwanted conduct such as infidelity or flirting. In other words, these public interactions in the virtual environment can be both evidence of a deep connection and a vehicle in which insecurities about monogamy and sexual / affective exclusivity are manifested.

However, the same study revealed that having a couple's profile photo is a deterrent against the possibility of third parties attempting a romantic approach. The “person unavailable” message seems to clearly reach the target audience.

How important is the validation of others?

Other research shows that constantly bragging about the relationship on social networks like Instagram or Facebook it can indicate insecurity, low self-esteem or narcissistic tendencies. On the one hand, we can use social overexposure to focus on the positive aspects of the relationship, instead of paying attention to those that cause us discomfort or pain.

Likewise, it is possible that the publication of this kind of content is linked to the desire to strengthen a bond that is perceived as fragile and with which we do not feel safe. The need for visibility and likes can denote insecurity and a desire for validation on the part of others. It is also possible that this validation is sought in others, as the relationship is not fulfilling.

In any case, it appears that the most important aspect is the way we use social networks, as they can serve both to give a positive space to our relationship in the virtual environment and to mask insecurities, disguise fears and exhaust love.

Take advantage of social networks to flaunt the relationship

It is important to reflect on the reasons why you decide to always show the relationship on social networks. We can ask ourselves questions like: Is there a void we want to fill with this behavior? What responses do we expect from our followers and friends? Do we know how our partner feels about it? Do you adopt the same behavior?

Uploading photos with your partner is not bad; as anticipated, it can be a sign of connection and trust. Doing it when you are experiencing a special moment or celebrating an important occasion can allow us to share that moment with our loved ones.

But when we do it only to obtain external confirmations, to receive likes or to generate envy in others, we must begin to question ourselves about the real satisfaction that the relationship offers us or if we have made the relationship a facade that allows us to hide our insecurities.

As in any area, balance must be found. In addition to what has already been mentioned, we cannot forget that overexposing your privacy on social media can be dangerous, since we give too much information about us, our daily life and our routine to people who can use it with bad intentions.

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