Flat stomach with functional diet

    Hard and round like a balloon about to burst. "There swollen belly (1 in 10 of the country suffers) it is a more annoying ailment than you can imagine. And not just for aesthetics, ”says the doctor , which proposes how to solve the problem in his latest book No more on a diet (Bur Rizzoli, € 16,90). “When you have a tight abdomen one feels about to explode, exhausted, fatigued, in pain and in a bad mood ».

    Often the fault of the gallbladder

    The causes can be different. From constipation to intolerance (for example lactose or other types of sugars that, poorly digested, ferment in the intestine, releasing excess air). From real diseases (gastritis, irritable colon) to hormonal or psychological problems (such as PMS and stress).

    However, in most cases the belly is swollen it is due to meteorism: gas accumulates in the digestive tract, between the stomach and intestines, due to the slow emptying of the gallbladder, which thus it slows down the functioning of all digestive organs.

    The solution is ...

    How to solve the problem? "The answer is simple: thanks to food»Replies our expert, who has been involved in functional nutrition for years. «To counter the meteorism it is necessary stimulate the liver which produces bile "stored" in the gallbladder. Specifically, the goal is speed up emptying of the gallbladder so as to reduce the presence of gas and therefore deflate the belly, facilitating intestinal transit and ensuring a laxative effect ».

    The pairing ok for breakfast

    In the gallery below, our expert offers you a functional meal (complete with simple and delicious recipes) to flatten the abdomen.

    Ma how to behave throughout the day? Let's start in the morning: «My advice is to eat breakfast 1 to 3 toasted rice cakes with extra virgin olive oil and a few basil leaves, accompanied by one herbal tea with fennel prepared by boiling the seeds for 5 minutes », suggests Dr. Farnetti. “This mix has a anti-swelling effect (due to fennel), laxative (thanks to the oil) and digestive (for basil) ».

    The right lunch

    At midday, ok to 2 poached eggs with 1 or 2 baked apples.

    "Eggs, high in protein, help with the secretion of bile», Explains our expert,« while the apples are a concentrate of fibers and, when cooked, they promote the movement of the intestine. Alternatively, you can combine one centrifuge of ginger, fennel and celery to a chicken salad dressed with oil, lemon and chilli. Or even prefer a mixed sashimi, without salmon and with wasabi, accompanied by a centrifuge of ginger, lemon and celery, all vegetables with a disinfectant and anti-meteoric power. A snack, however, bet on a biscuit (always rice) with oil, oregano and thyme, or on half an avocado seasoned with oil and lemon, to be served with one herbal tea with cardamom».

    The winning couple at dinner

    Finally, in the evening, you can prepare a plate of rice or wheat noodles slow drying, cooked al dente and creamed with oil and chilli, and a side dish of sautéed zucchini with oil and turmeric.

    "But beware: the time is also important where you sit at the table », warns the expert. «Dinner should never be scheduled too late: the ideal would be finish it I enter him 21 or in any case wait at least three hours before going to bed, so that digestion is well under way when you go to sleep and the organism can rest peacefully ».

    If you eat away from home, then try not to overdo it and make the right choices: «For example, if you take a plate of pasta, don't touch the bread; and choose a crafty dessert like cream with strawberries, which is low in sugar, ”concludes Dr. .

    The foods and drinks that are best avoided

    Banned from the diet alcohol, carbonated drinks (including water), chewing gum, cheeses, sausages and sweets. «But also foods usually recommended for a correct diet, such as mushrooms, aubergines, peppers and onions, must be used carefully: they contain too many fibers, which in the event of bloating from meteorism "clog" the digestive tract, worsening the situation », adds .

    "It's better then stay away from beer, fresh bread with crumbs, pizza and all leavened products, which are fermented by the bacterial flora. Finally, no to rice boiled for a long time or proposed in soups: it is rich in water, which can slow down digestion and increase abdominal tension ».

    A winning three of a kind

    1. The perfect appetizer consists of a white fish carpaccio with a little ginger and lemon.

    "The proteins are indicated to counteract meteorism because they do not ferment in the intestine and because the need to digest them stimulates the liver (already activated by the other two superfoods) to produce more bile ”, explains Dr. Farnetti.

    2. After the carpaccio eat a salad made with raw radicchio and fresh fennel, extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. "These two vegetables, mostly raw, promote the elimination of intestinal gas. Furthermore, if consumed at the beginning of the meal, they have a satiating power that will make you reduce the portions of subsequent dishes », assures the expert.

    3. The main course of the meal is a sautéed pasta dish with broccoli or cauliflower. «Although rich in fiber, cooked as in this recipe they are absolutely harmless», guarantees our consultant.

    Browse the gallery and discover the selection and appropriate combination of foods suggested by the expert, to help the various organs work at their best.

    Flat stomach with functional diet Flat stomach with functional diet Flat stomach with functional diet Flat stomach with functional diet Flat stomach with functional diet Flat stomach with functional diet Flat stomach with functional diet

    Ginger and chilli

    But also mint, cumin and fennel seeds reduce the formation of intestinal gas.

    Flat stomach with functional diet

    Artichokes and lemon

    They have a direct stimulating action on the production of bile, they facilitate
    bowel movements (peristalsis) and improve digestion.

    Flat stomach with functional diet


    It does not cause swelling, as long as you choose the one produced with national grains (such as "Senatore Cappelli"), with slow drying and low temperatures that guarantee maximum flavor and digestibility.

    Flat stomach with functional diet

    Extra virgin olive oil

    Especially when used hot, for example to sauté vegetables in a pan, it is an excellent activator of the liver, because it helps to induce the release of bile, and helps speed up intestinal transit. It should not be used in excessive doses, but not even with a dropper: the vegetables (whether cooked or raw) must be covered with a light greasy and protective film.

    Flat stomach with functional diet


    Like all protein-rich foods (excluding milk and dairy products for those who are lactose intolerant), it does not make the abdomen rise.

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